Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You can’t die twice

I am horrified at the news of a suspected gay man’s body being exhumed twice in Senegal. It really is an ugly world out there. Does anyone ever deserve this kind of treatment? My blood boils just thinking of the extra anguish the loved ones are going through. And all this in the name of religion.


  1. Tamaku,

    It is unbelievable the lengths that people will go to.

    What happened to dignity for the dead?

    I thought there were all sorts of taboos in Africa around exhuming bodies.

    I can bet you that some of those imams who are denouncing homosexuality, may be gay themselves.

    For sure, this gay man's loved ones will have complicated grief reactions, because of these events.

    Thankfully, his loved ones were able to bury him somewhere else.

    At this point, I can only feel sorry for the people who exhumed this man's body, they are very disturbed, and need help.

  2. What is there to say to such ugliness? However, didn´t they do the same with Cromwell and remove/scatter him from Westminster Abbey? Somehow the ¨defiling¨ of a rabid ¨puritan¨ despot/manic doesn´t bother me...but I´ll light a candle for my innocent brother in Senegal.

  3. I look back to most of the world's problems/conflicts/man-made disasters/racism/colonialism...all in the name of religion.

    Thats why I'm not a fan.

  4. Good morning Tamtam,

    I've no words to describe the people who did this. That's why people need to remain vigilant in the arena of human rights. We can't selectively defend some and ignore others, it's a question of dignity. Sorry I'm still sore from this. Have a good day. xx

    Hey Leonardo,

    In their hysteria they forget that disrespecting the dead is a great taboo. Only consolation is poor fellow is dead they can't hurt him any more. Are these people or animals? I don't know what to think anymore. Have a lovely day, that's so thoughtful about the candle. I'll do the same. Asante. xx x

  5. Hi WildeY,

    My exact sentiments. There seems to be no limits to the evil humans are capable of. I feel sorry for the poor chaps parents, they must be hurting very bad.

    Have a good day fella! xx


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