Saturday, May 2, 2009

Picking up the pieces

Continued from here:

My head still spinning the first thing I did was to make Norma a noggin of whiskey mixed with hot water to calm her nerves. She took this in my office while I authorized a week’s emergency leave for her and made some phone calls. I had decided that it wasn’t fair she should be at work with all the turmoil and distress she was going through. She thanked me, hugging me awkwardly and I felt tears well up when she said, ‘Asante sana Tamaku, barikiwa’. Be blessed Tamaku. So extravagant of her. A lawyer friend of best buddy Mike said she would look into various legal aspects. Sheila (bless her) has agreed to negotiate with the cooperative's officials not to levy any interest on the loan until we can sort something out. I think it’ll have to be an office fundraiser for the rest of the money. Read on, I’m not about to tap you for a loan dear reader. Norma is a proud woman too, it’ll be a task to get her to agree to even take our money.

Later I met my mum for lunch at Epic restaurant, Tribe Hotel, because I just needed to see her. I told her everything I’ve told you and she was equally horrified and said she’ll send Rasta her fixer round to Norma’s to move her away from where she’s staying. Mum said to me that the money part is nothing, the shame and betrayal from her own daughter will be killing Norma, so it’ll help if she makes a clean break. And I said thanks so much mummy and of course I agreed because I know mum is always right.

When I got home I was so tired and emotionally drained. I spoke to Norma on the phone who agreed to move with her youngest child to a small flat that Rasta showed her in Umoja. She said she couldn’t bear to see the neighbours’ faces huddled in lowered tones when she went past. And the good news is it’s only costing a little more than what she’s been paying. Must remember to send Rasta the customary brown envelope with ‘something small’. And Norma says she wants to come back to the office on Monday because she’s worried who’s making our teas and coffees. I said firmly no, just spend time with your daughter, you need to.

I still feel sad thinking about it, why dear God, why? She loved these two people like life itself, why do you allow her to suffer like this?


  1. Tamaku, you are a good person at heart. Most people would just give a consolation shoulder and keep it moving. It's wonderful to get everyone at work rallied to help Norma out.

    I came to realise that besides your immediate family, the people you work with, are ones other family.

    God Bless y'all for helping out.

  2. Though it wont help. I personally feel sorry for her. Tell her if u can we have her in our prayers.
    In all things that happen there is a reason that supercedes our feeble mind's limited thought range. God comes in when you have hit ground level and that is when at the least expected moment he uplifts us to heights formerly unattainable to us.
    Tell her that she needs to be closer to God right about now. Dont think am a pastor it is just that even though my orientation to some is taboo, I know that God is looking out for our best interests.
    Tell her to take heart. We care.

  3. Hi kelitu,

    We do our part, I try to remember that all around us their's someone needing help. Even a smile could be all someone needed. Thanks. xx

    Hi Naughty feeling,

    Thanks for your uplifting words. I struggle with why bad things happen to bad people. It's so stark here especially, honest decent people suffering in all manner of ways. As you say, there's probably a method in it all. So many people due miracles NOW. Thanks again. x x

  4. Bad things happen to good people. At least she had you to lean on during such as difficult time.

    I hope all goes well.

    I promise a Hail Mary.

  5. Hey Pater Nostra,

    Thanks for the Hail Mary (I got excited for a minute thinking you wanted to meet for a drink..'a bloody mary')! Never mind ;( lol!


  6. Tamaku,

    I once tried a Bloody Mary and sorry, but it was the most disgusting thing I ever tasted. I stuck to Tuskers.

    And yes, we should meet. Just ensure its a pub-more cosy for me!


  7. Tamaku,

    I will keep Norma in my prayers. It is no consolation, but sometimes these sorts of events in our lives are blessings.

    That said, what took place, will take a long while for her to get her head round. That is if she gets her head round it, at all.

    Bless you for being there to comfort her. She sounds like a very strong woman.

    As for the other two, I have no words.

    Something that I strongly believe in, is what goes around, comes around. It is only a matter of time.

  8. Hi tamtam,

    I understand what you are saying however it's so difficult to see how Norma or anyone gets over something like this. It may be easier with time but the cracks are bound to remain visible. I was sad, now I'm just angry as days go by. I'll post soon what someone told me about stuff that happens when these taboos are breached. It is dark. Thanks for your kind words. It's heartening to know there are many people who care. x x

  9. You are God sent. I would love to work for someone like you who is both a friend and colleague. Very rare times do we see such gestures of love, concern and caring for each other in the work place. We continue to pray for Norma's peace of mind.

  10. Tamaku,

    I don't think Norma will get over what happened. The whole experience is so traumatic. However, I think she will survive, from how you have described her. It is just important that she has support, as she goes through this grieving process.

    The whole father/daughter dynamic that is going on, is outrageous.

    Can you remember when Woody Allen went off with his adopted daughter?

  11. Hi Mystic,

    Thanks. We do what we can whenever possible. Have a lovely week ahead. xx

    Hi Tamtam,

    That's when I went off Woody Allen. Such abuse of trust is unforgivable. He never quite seemed to shine as bright as he had previously.
    Thanks for your empathy and the useful advice which I'll remember to put to use.x x


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