Friday, May 1, 2009

Labour Joys

The number of street children in Nairobi is not as large as it was some 6 or so years ago but escalating poverty levels means that those abandoned are now returning to roam dangerous streets. Years ago I joined a men's group that supports a children’s charity home, heartbroken and frustrated from seeing innocent kids begging in a city that also shamelessly showcases the finest cars.

So a group of us spent a very rewarding Labour day visiting the kids rather than waste time watching the official ‘celebrations’ on TV. We went in a convoy of 8 cars, bearing gifts of provisions and soft drinks. The people who run the home are just wonderful, their angelic wards seemed naturally happy, smiling and playing just as in a family setting. We had a lunch of goat stew and rice with chapatis and afterwards the children put on a show for us. I can’t tell you enough the joy I felt watching them but also the sadness of what their own ‘natural’ parents are missing. I also felt a sadness that as a gay man I couldn’t enjoy these unique pleasures since adoption by gay men is automatically prohibited here. But I still had fun and even one of the boys was teaching me how to crip walk which was farcical given that I’m nearly 40 and not exactly nimble on my feet. I googled the moves Moses was showing me, you can see a good example below but please don’t ask to see my crashing version of it!

Since I got home we’ve had more drinks and I’m more than ʎsd!ʇ, I’ll post the rest of Norma’s story tomorrow. It turned out well in the end.


  1. The funniest sight: the Asian teens breakdancing in the town square where I live.

    Welcome to exurbia!

  2. Kudos to you and the gang for your good deed today. And was it Pilsner or Tusker that did the job?

  3. Hi Keguro,

    Normally after a hard sesh I wake up to only a sore head. This morning I've got the added malady of aching limbs. A good excuse to wangle a massage from Gee. x x

    Habari Mama Shujaa,

    Mimi unywa tusker tu. Nasikia Pilsner inawenyewe. I hope people don't think I was swigging brown bottles while mentoring. Definitely not lol! Lol! Thanks ma for stopping by (and staying). x x


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