Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spread of Fartism in Kenya

I laughed when I saw the piece on KTN about ‘Gayism in Kenya’ . Everyone knows that is the newest political movement in town followed by the gayists and lesbianists wishing to get to the promised land of Queerdom . You couldn’t make it up if you tried, the absurdity!

So I’ve come up with a new label for the so-called brand of journalism now prevalent in Kenya. It’s called Fartism, which is similar but not to be confused with Fascism. Of course those whose craft it is are known as fartists. Fartists are guilty of constantly farting and transmitting putrid smells in the name of news reporting. I would not be surprised one of these days to learn one of these fartists have gone too far and soiled their pants.

Otherwise I have no problem with the vast majority of straight Kenyans who religiously continue to hate homosexuals. Ok, only one or two issues that concern me as a gay man. Number one, please stop covering all your living room furniture with those ghastly crocheted fabrics. I hear they are a little-known cause of crotch rot. Number two, could the men please stop picking their noses. I counted three men on the streets last week with at least half an arm up inside their noses, mining for what I do not know.


  1. fartism! lolestest! (cliche i know) nice coinage you got there. i haven't fully grasped the media's angle for blowing this gay issue outta propotion. have a lovely week ahead and i hope you don't get featured in one of 'em infamous exposes! lol.;))

  2. Newspaper houses must sell their papers, and the more "putrid" the content, the more likely that flies will swarm.

    Let it be so, insofar as the ultimate outcome is that gay people are no longer being ignored.

  3. Imagine what would happen if society actually focused on real problems? Probably take the fun out of being driven insane.

  4. LOL. And when you combine BO and Fartism, it is a deadly combination. BO = body odor. Because BO is still pretty rampant in Kenya. Too much Tamaku! xxxx

  5. Hi NF,

    I'm so waiting to get busted! Lol! Have a great week too. xx xx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    Newspapers risk losing credibility the minute they are not objective. But you are spot on, the lights are shining brightly on us now. We should ensure we keep the fires keep burning. xx xx

    Hi Leonardo,

    My point is that a powerful media should be a tool to educate not misinform. Having said that they are just a mirror of the society in which they operate. xx xx

    Hey Mama Shujaa,

    I likey! Bo-fartism! lol! Some of these people want to behave as if ethics is a concept alien to Kenyans. xx xx

  6. Oh My Gosh Tamaku, LOL fartists, really appropriate word. Please don't get me started on the crocheting stuffs *sigh* *yawn*

  7. It's embarassing what our so called journalists spew. I wrote about Caroline Mutoko's unbelievable attitude towards the hateful content on Nick and Marcus on - these guys are stirring up violence. Stay safe

  8. Hi Haute Haiku,

    They remain our brothers and sisters whom we love. Why don't they get it, the game is love not hate. xx xx

    Hey Paula,

    Absolutely disgraceful that those blessed to be in positions of trust would abuse that trust by their reckless utterances. Caroline Mutoko has long exhibited severe symptoms of self-importance, forgetting how the mighty can fall.
    Call to action is noted. Thanks. xx xx


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