Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gay is OK: hit back on Kenyan Paula Kahumbu

Please listen to this powerful piece of advocacy. I urge you to say NO to a particularly virulent strain of hate that is permeating through sections of our media. Click on the link below for Dr Paula Kahumbu's podcast.

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  1. Thank You PAULA and thank you TAMAKU (I´d have never heard this without you)...that was a powerful message that is certainly worthy of WORLDWIDE exposure and suggestion...amazing, just change a few words to have them incorporate and target the WORLD conscience and Paula makes clear, wholesome and healthy good sense everywhere (she also is not afraid to address ignorance and stupidity when it is dressed up as popular bigotry)...perhaps you ought forward her remarks to The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope and let a little wisdom shine in their very overly intellectual, yet spiritually rotting, views on LGBT Christians/others.


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