Friday, October 9, 2009

Low standards in journalism, is excessive alcohol consumption a factor?

The attempted exposé by the Standard in their Pulse magazine today was anticipated in recent days and even previously discussed in some Kenyan LGBT circles. People were waiting for when, not if, the newspaper would publish those photos of men in drag. Call it a leak from within but this matter has not just jumped out from the blue. Of course the only way the women reporters would have tricked their way into that venue is that even as women they naturally look like men in drag. Ouch.

What was unexpected and laughable is the magazine’s attempt to tackle the weighty issue of sexuality. Clearly the NMG class of columnists you are not. The outcome is a hodgepodge of a team-effort by two mediocre journalists. Two wrongs don’t make a right but to be fair I could sense their joint sexual tension especially when they mentioned the ‘gal-on-gal action’ and ‘lovely’ Olivia. Could they also be harbouring a secret longing to be a part of this 'abomination' taking place in Africa? I take exception with these so-called investigative journalists who churn rubbish padded out with quotes from ‘anonymous sources’ and suspect ‘names-have-been-changed’ disclaimers. The temptation to titillate and sensationalize for the benefit of jumpstarting dwindling circulation numbers has proved irresistible. It’s also poor form to include the views from a ‘psychologist’ who clearly does not understand what she is talking about.

Anyway that newspaper should be your first port of call if you are interested in headlines such as ‘Man charged with making love to a hen’ (written by no less than FOUR reporters) or if you are curious on whether Tom Cholmondeley has paid someone to scratch his arse for him with a discarded toothbrush while in prison. Today’s article which was pointed out to me by a reader of this blog is poorly researched, woefully edited and badly written. I can only say thanks for the interesting photos, I hope the gorgeous fellas who have been outed remembered to shave their legs and armpits for the ‘shoot’. Loving that green wig by the way.

I’m deliberately more acerbic than usual today because it’s expected for stupid journalists to have thick hides, that’s par for the course in most parts. Those that don’t run a risk of ending up as bitter, broken alcoholics.

Oh and before I go – I’m really sorry for that night when your premises got trashed by those bad men. Really. Everyone agrees that was very naughty. Now dry your eyes and get over it.

Finally can I just say that I’m really a nice man and not vindictive at all. Miaow.


  1. Tamie bado nakutafuta. cum nikushow

  2. Hi George,

    We're here - show us all. Lol! xxx

  3. I'm so dismayed by this!
    I can't believe they actually posted pictures outing these guys!

    This is bila conscience!

    oh yeah, hi by the way, I've been lurking for months now though I think I posted a comment sometime months back. I LOVE your blog!

  4. Amk not sure its all negative though.... Bad publicity is still publicity. Check my blog out with may angle of the same

  5. Did the men know they were being photographed for pulse? If not they should sue the magazine.

  6. Hi aaarrrggg,

    There is a case for some irresponsible sections of the media to be reined in.
    Welcome back btw, and thanks again. xxx

    Hi GNM,

    I disagree. They need to rewrite a fact-backed article after a thorough detoxification of their crippled thinking. Journalism used to be about objectivity not exposing deep-seated personal prejudices which completely damage any credibility.

    The recklessness with which they have approached this issue and the level of intrusion are simply in my view nothing short of astonishing. Where is the professional integrity?

    I am clear in my conscience that what has transpired is harmful to the cause and/or the individuals outed. However I am willing to concede that the two reporters may not have done this out malice but rather out of ignorance. xxx

    Hi Bee,

    Remains to be seen. I am not a lawyer but I think it would be futile to sue if the pictures were taken at a public place or were already in the public domain. xxx

  7. Well, I was also scheming through Bidii afrika forums today. A couple of months back they were all gay bashing on that particular forum and they seemed very intolerant but I saw this today and I did not see 'overly' negative comments after the article, so they may be warming up


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