Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rape of Kenya

Lions have been prowling Nairobi malls and streets in the ongoing Pride of Kenya exhibition. I think it’s a cool way to create awareness and raise some money for conservation.

This got me thinking about a piece of artwork that I’ve been planning on getting commissioned. It’s a large fibreglass model of an erect penis (the height of 2 adult elephants stacked, one on top of another and as thick as the trunk of the baobab trees along Kenya’s coast) which will actually be a water fountain. This will be spouting and pumping the water into another huge model of an arse (about the size of ex-President Moi’s Uhuru Park monument). Later we can add sounds of an entire village having a simultaneous orgasm. Like a giant’s roar aaaarrrgghh aaaraarrgh. I’ll ask some engineer friends on the viability of a device to simulate the jerking at the end. Also we can have the water dyed so that it looks like the real stuff – I hear you, maybe mix the water with wheat flour? Ok, we can even add salt, happy? I'm loving the detail, you guys are so creative….

The exhibition will be mobile going round the country to symbolize how Kenyan MPs continue to rape the country’s resources by their huge pay packets and still refuse to pay taxes. After the campaign we can just park the monument outside parliament with a huge ribbon as a gift. The irony of it is they'll probably fight amongst themselves to see who gets to keep it, their greed knows no bounds.

Maybe this is just a lame gimmick, so if you’ve got any insane ideas to shame these MPs please share.


  1. OMG! UR TOO GOOD!Lov the art piece...

  2. I rest my case! You are now officially certified a nutcase. I love the idea and thoughts behind the artwork though :)

  3. $34,000 BASE SALARY before benefits PER MONTH for Kenyan for a civil servant?!!!!? This is insane and the fact that this crap goes on endlessly is madness. I agree, a SHOCK and AWE campaign is necessary at this point. Recall the Kenyan women who abstained not too long ago...I am interested to find out whether there have been tangible results beyond the obvious immediate ones.

  4. This is insane enough but I like it! what of City Council and other permits needed for such a large exhibition?

  5. kweli ndugu yangu zimekuruka??//vipi mambo huyo george porgy?

  6. Lol. You have a very vivid imagination. I can just see the evangelists having keshas and ruswaing the whole month its unveiled. Lol again at anonymous asking about George. I think all our fascination about him is due to the way you two met. Plus he is a cop. Im sure a few guys want to be arrested by him. Keep him real close Tamaku.

  7. Hi Miss Kristy,

    I wish someone would say that to me when I'm undressed (: Love you too. xx xx

    Hey Mystic,

    Officially mad is good. Seriously though these people are robbing us blind! xxx

    Hi Mama Shujaa,

    I remember that no-sex campaign, I'm sure they kula-d double when it ended! Bure kabisa! xx xx

    Hi George,

    Come sit on my lap. Hehehehe. The permits thing may be an issue I agree. Don't go, let's talk some more...xx xx xx

    Hi Anon,

    George amo, raha tele tu! xx x

    Hey Malaika,

    You could be right on the George fascination. You might say I take the law into my own hands most nights! xx xx


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