Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kenyan gay couple wed

I am overjoyed that a gay wedding of Kenyans in London has made the news of the national press. We wish the lucky couple all the best in this new chapter of their lives together. George and I are thinking of the same, to deepen our commitment to one another - even though these unions are not recognised here. It's early days yet but we are determined to have a ceremony to exchange rings and vows witnessed by close friends and family. I'll wear white of course, don't even think to mutter but Tamaku's been around the block a few times unless you are a nun yourself. lol!

We hope you'll accept our invitation when the time comes. Tonight we are just both so happy to raise a glass or two to the newlyweds.


  1. "The marriage has raised a storm among Kenyan residents in the UK who have described it as ‘unnatural and socially unacceptable’."

    That should be the least of their worries. Unacceptable to who? I can't understand why our people continue in the misconceived belief that we need to be approved-of and accepted by them before we can live our lives happily! In fact, trying to please people will almost always mean that the gay man will not be truly happy inside.

    I wish the newly weds all the best. Let their happiness convict those who criticise them and let it be vindication of their commitment to each other. This speaks volumes about the potential that exists with long-distance relationships. I am one who has never allowed the idea of distance to be a hindrance to what can develop between two people. Its all about the two being strong and holding on tightly to what they've got between them.

    I am very happy for the couple.

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    We are bracing for the predictable chorus of it's 'Un-African'...btw, what is African?

  3. i read it in the paper and i can gladly say it raised quite a storm in the car. can't wait for the backlash. It promises to be quite a monday! Gud week tammie. Take care. P.S. i will do the ululations for yours. Just give me the time and place. lol.

  4. Bravo! I have not seen the paper yet but I can imagine the bar rooms discussions. I think it is a bold step.

  5. Hey NF,

    You can do more than that! If you like you can also give a speech. The time and place is coming very soon, be sure of that. Have a great week too. xxx

  6. Hi GNM,

    Bravo too bro! We are so excited, let them talk! Wiki njema! xx xx

  7. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!! First of all its just plain disgusting, secondly its not even about it not being African..... its againts the natural (we dont expect 2 hv either of them conceiving any time soon, oh wait lets change that to how about never!!) and thirdly against the teachings of the Bible (am sure Koran too)

  8. @ the anonymous troll above....what brought you to this gay blog....IF u find it disgusting, then what made you to write a comment in this blog....So just stay off and take your eeeewweness with you....

    The article was on page 3 of sunday nation!! thats awesome....thats a new development man....otherwise it would have been shoved to a tiny column somewhere in the back pages....
    But i would have wished if the marriage was a mix among tribes liek a luo and kisii or luhya and kikuyu or taita and a meru etc etc to gain more ground among kenyans....coz its obvious that the kikuyu are the majority among the gay population......

  9. Tamaku,

    When I read it in the paper jana, and when I got emailed the photos this morning the first two people on my mind were you and Anengiyefa. Donno why. This is such a bold move and a move in the right direction, people being free to be who they are.
    I will be right alongside Naughty feeling Ullulating in that very typical Kyuk manner when the invitation comes (am assuming it will!!)

    Did you see how fly the bride was in the paper? Uuuwiiii

  10. You guys are disgusting and annoying... these things are even discussed openly like this? If you guys are 'OKAY' being what you are why dont you come out in the open or better still have a face to your comments?????????? Coz you know its embarassing and dirty! You can even make one throw up!

  11. @The last anonymous commenter,

    Why are you commenting anonymously and condeming those who do so?

    By the way, posting anonymously on blogs does not mean means respect of privacy you doofus!

  12. Kudos to the happy couple. More photos and lots of discussions on - click on iko nini bwana seed to see more photos or click on the dicussion board to see what some Kenyans are saying. I ain't gay and don't give a toss which way people choose to to live their lives. I have travelled far and wide and I've shared a house with a lovely gay couple, worked with gay people, gone shopping with gay friends which always turns out to be lots of fun. In short, there is nothing wrong with being gay.
    Hope I'll get that invite when time comes for you to tie the knot.
    Happy Kenyatta day

  13. Its not my place to judge but am just wondering, where is God in all this?

  14. Hi Anon

    Where there is Love you will find God. xx xx

  15. wtf there's a gay blog...

    do u listen to yourself ati free to be yourselves,
    its a bold move...

    i believe in pple being let to do what they wanna do but gaydom just aint going down.

  16. Hello Anon

    You should listen to yourself! Actually there are many Kenyan gay jog along. xxx

  17. its time to embrace change. all kinds o change includin da gay community kind of change...

    God did create adam n eve no question about dat bt he also sed he without no sin b da first to cast a stone!

    not dat its a sin to be gay am jus sayin we shud quit discriminatn. we spend way too much time starin at other pple's lives n y they'r the way they are we forget abt ourselves. nobody's perfect. not even u

  18. Better late than never,Congrats 2 the newly weds, its time 2 embrace change, besides condemning gayism, wont change a thng, it was thea, its hea with us and it wil alwaiz remain thea and nobody can do anythng abt it.


  20. Hi Anon (Oct 22),

    How does God come into this? We are talking about love and maybe some sex between consenting adults! xx xx

    Hi Basanez,

    The homophobes have tried their best but seems public opinion may be changing. It's not all bad, there are good people of all sexualities and that's what counts. xx xx

    Hi Anon (Oct 25),

    Too much detail, you've obviously lived too long in a zoo...btw, did you get to vote for your favourite cock, the poll on the left? xxx xx

  21. If a man makes you happy, sweetheart dont wait for anyone to give you a go ahead. I have lived my life playing it safe and making people around me happy and they just dont see it. Live your life. Be happy. Love him with all that you have.

  22. I feel sorry for the couple and pray for them. I watched a tape called 'its not gay' made by former homosexuals and they confess they are extremely unhappy. Homos are more likely to commit suicide and generally have a shorter lifespan, studies have shown. They need our compassion, not condemnation. Even Jesus condemned the act of the sinner but not the sinner herself.

  23. Hi Anon (Oct 26)

    I wonder who is the cause of much of this misery? Is it not the cruel and vicious homophobes? xx xx

  24. congrats to the gay couple. Am not gay but who am i to condemn anyone? I blame the women. we have no good women left in the world. I wish them a happy marriage. I wish i was bold to fall in love with the same sex.

  25. Hi Anon (sorry for the late reply),

    It's really not a blame game. To fall in love takes courage, I pray you find true love and you find that person who will make you happy. xx xx

  26. how interestin, my religion tells me being gay is haram, it also says being a murderer is haram. however the bible also tells us abt soddom and gomorah. clearly we all know that based on religious grounds being gay is WRONG. however who am i to judge, i condemn the act not the person. the person may be gay but genuinely kind and more righteous than a 100 straight men/women.
    i cannot wish u happiness because i would be a hypocrite, i pray u have patience and faith through all ur trials.Allah knows we all have weaknesses which will be tried.


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