Friday, October 2, 2009

Amateur Dramatics (same shite different day)

It’s been an eventful week especially if you are ex-KACC boss Aaron Ringera (Ring-error?) who finally threw in the towel. Who cares that he loves Shakespeare? All together now: Oo-oh-oh that don’t impress me much ! We were paying you 2.5 million shillings a month so you can sit on the loo during lunch time catching up on the classics? Did you not get to read King John, Oftentimes excusing of a fault Doth make the fault the worse by the excuse? Good riddance. And the other one who had quit earlier , the deputy Dr Smokin-far-from -hot -Wanjala . What shame, now exit stage left and don’t look back!

Anyway I don’t even pretend to do meaningful political commentary, I just prefer to heckle because I am so tired of our Establishment. Frustrated and angry is also how I feel. The other in this supporting cast is the ever-smiling AG Amos Wako (Whacko?) What medication could he be on that prevents him from doing his job? Dr Conrad Murray your services may be needed here. But this patient seems to have no trouble sleeping at night : (

A breath of fresh air is ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, now there’s a true daddy! Nothing camp about him. No, no, no. OMG excuse me, fap fap fap, he looks quite hot too! I just hope he can come and take away the warlords many who are also thieves.

How was your week?


  1. I´m continuing to heal after my 4th eye surgery in a little over a month...nasty things those retinal tears (thank God I escaped from a Columbian butcher and found Harvard Graduates for surgeons) anyway, I sent you a little novelette suggesting all sorts of encouraging things like your Mom did (except I shared some thoughts of my dear old Dad who passed onward at almost 97)...My parents always wanted me to follow my, I have (and it´s been a really interesting roller coaster life that is a dozzie)...Love to you and Jorge and enjoy your weekend (you always have a really good head start)! Felicidades, reality is a wonderous thing (it just takes some adjusting to)!

    Leonardo Ricardo (who lost his earlier post)

  2. Hey Leonardo,

    Sorry to hear about the surgery and hope cyberspace coughs up the earlier. Feel the love that we send to you, George and I - and hope you'll be better soon. Much love and affection to JC too. All we have is love and prayers to send. xx xx xx


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