Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You're having a giraffe!

A response to all anonymous commentators who are bothered to spew their filth on this blog here are some home truths:

- Gays and Lesbians are here to stay and we will continue to fight for our rights until you commit mass suicide. Fact is many of you are sexually repressed with no outlet, but my advice is to remember that straps don't only belong on bras

- 'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww' is the name of the cheese you've got growing under your crusty cocks, taking organic too far

- I'd rather cut my dick off with a blunt and rusty blade standing in the muddy waters of Nairobi River to eat than live a life obsessed with the sexuality of others

Aaaaaah, felt good. Did you have a nice Kenyatta Day?


  1. That got my attention...way over on the otherside of wherever it is we think we are...I vote for Tamaku for OUR International Spokesperson (Spew/knock the suckers out division).

    Now, I´m going to go tell off a few haters myself.

    I´m inspired.


  2. Hi Leonardo,

    I was going to say these homophobes make me want to puke but you know what, that would be such a waste of some good vomit. xxx x


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