Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life is a game of numbers

On my way to work I came across an old man pulling a mkokoteni (handcart) full of timber planks up a hill. He was obviously overworked and I guess underpaid too. I paused sitting in the traffic to reflect on just how tough life is on many people especially in these hard times. When I got to the office I thought to myself, you know what Tamaku, things could be so much worse. So I started counting my blessings, because sometimes we focus on the bad and forget the good that’s in our lives. Here’s some of that good that I’m lucky to count:

I’ve still got 32 teeth, all my own

My cholesterol is 4, thanks Imelda for making sure I have my 5 a day

I’m on the right side of 40, so still lots of time to do stuff

1 brain that continues to work inside a slightly big head

I average 8 hours sleep every night easily not worried that our house sits on a shadily acquired plot of road reserve

I have 1 great colleague Sheila and 1 wonderful friend Mike from back in the day

George and I still manage to do it well at least 3 times a week without Viagra - Hallelujah!

Safaricom IPO (Ksh 5, now Ksh 3.65) was a lesson but it could have been Eveready shares

Only 3 months till I quit formal employment (yes, I handed in my resignation letter last week) – I’ll soon be free to follow my dream!

65 followers for this blog (including myself), thanks guys!

Blood pressure around 120/80

000’s squirreled away over the years, not in a Ponzi

7 times a week I remember to say Our Father - Amen!

Only 3 grey pubes around the scrotum, hardly a cause for concern

Over 150 facebook friends and 1 no-nonsense mummy

So, those are my digits. Tomorrow I might get trapped in a lift on the 12th floor with someone who is on the Waki List but I’m not going to worry about that for now. What do you count that’s good in your life? And not dick size please, I know many of you are so blessed in that area ;)


  1. Haha, excuse me, but I can't help but picture you counting..thats one, oh two, whaaat? three greys:))

    One of the things I count good in my life is that I would pass for a 22 year old although sometimes I am asked what high school I go to yet I am in my early 30s and a mother to a 6 year old boy who is just about half my height. Quite a big consolation I must say:)

  2. 2 things I can count;

    1 the love of my family
    2 the love and fabulosity of my friends

  3. You are just a hilarity....Be happy with what you have....

  4. I wonder what today's article shall spell for us. -


  5. Be careful not to pluck those grey pubes, rumour has it that for every one you pluck three come to the funeral.

  6. Just being alive is something to be thankful for. Otherwise everything that comes after that is an added benefit. I bet the Mkokoteni guy also counts his blessing despite having a hard life.

  7. Hi Maya,

    Mirrors are wonderful things...hahaha, and well done you, I'm jealous for what you share with your son. That's special. xx xx xx

    Hi sid kachumbari,

    I feel you, those few yet so precious. I'm sure you'll take good care because they are irreplaceable. xx xxxx

    Hey Sceptical,

    Sure, and I love you too. xx xx xx

    Hi Anon ('J')

    I don't think there's too much to worry, we're getting stronger, believe me. xx xxx x

    Hey Cheeky One,

    I'm not thinking of any plucking, I'm quite proud of my scrotum. Hahahah. xx xx xx

    Hi Mystic,

    So right, however many people are living wretched lives, it pains my heart to wonder where we think we are heading if we don't address this NOW. Love ya, btw you helped lift me during my darkest hour. xx xxx xx

  8. Aboslutely right, it is a game of numbers. Just give me L.i.f.e man, any day, I'll play.


  9. Tamaku you are crazy lakini still got mad love for you! I'm glad you're taking time to count your blessings...... Am happy for a lot of things. My mum the most, she is the rock of my life, and for the constant blessings in my life, God has a way of amazing me daily! The more vain Rox is very pround of her twins, Stacy and Tracy and their even bigger sister Adhiambo, read, my tush! xoxo


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