Friday, October 16, 2009

Photo of Tamaku burning in hell!!

A reader of this blog (not a fan) who hates gays wrote recently to me to say that George and I would burn in hell for being society's misfits! Lol! I thought, mmmmmm, how would I look with flames lapping my body?

So here you are, a picture of me as I would appear in the Devil's crib! Hope I haven't given anyone nightmares. Don't worry, dear God is merciful...


  1. Oh dont worry T....Them haters will all be there dpwn there with us...They forget the book also says do not judge. Spit, crackle & pop goes my nosey neighour's self righteous lard arse!

  2. Bwahahaha!! You can fan the fire on their side even harder coz they'll be right there witcha

  3. tehehe!
    I see you are still up to your good old humour. What's up Tamaku? Hope you are well.
    Mwistar is back!

  4. babe, you make going up in flames look good!
    let the haters hate!!!


  5. Tamaku Darling, you look absolutely fabulous in flaming orange.. definitely an autumn must tell me the name of your fire starter.. ;-) as if i don't know already...
    I've been there, done that, and if my price for mortal happiness is a permanent place burning in hell, if the prie for being what God made me is eternal damnation, If God will punish me for HIS Fuck up...if he will punish me for the fact that he gave me a heart, then ordered me not to use it, and to close my ears to the sound of its aching for someone... then so be it.. i will go silently... for i will have loved... :-)


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