Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gorilla on steroids

My sister whispered to me when I got back to our table at the restaurant where we had lunch the other day bro you really mince when you walk. I just laughed in her face because many years ago she told me I used to walk too agressively with my feet pointing ten to two, so I taught myself a new walk. Perhaps I've been swish since then, managing to conceal the wriggle in my bottom under suit jackets.

But now I'm at the point in life where I can't be bothered with doing stuff just to please people. So I'm not going to stop wearing fishnets or listening to Madonna and I'm definitely not going to start walking around like a gorilla on steroids.

I'll just be me.


  1. Tamaku,

    Bad habits are hard to die, aren't they? I also sometimes have been asked to stop cat walking or finger tapping or twenging. Oh, the memories of them days!

    And who said you had to please everyone? You can't! Be yourself always and GOD will surely bless you.

    And hon, fishnets are so like 1990's. Ni 2010. (-:

  2. Thanks for that Denis, being myself includes staying old school...so fishnets it is! lol. xxx


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