Monday, February 15, 2010

Bottoms Up

I find it hard to believe that it’s one year today since I started this blog. Imagine that! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. So here we are over 250 posts later (ok, I agree some of them could hardly qualify as such, and all the videos I pinched from youtube along the way, hehehehe). Hey, your comments have also encouraged me on this journey.

Tonight I wanted to say how much I really appreciate your great company and although I sometimes do push the boundaries you guys don’t really seem to mind too much. I’m sure you know by now that I’m never going to hurt even a fly. Therefore, good people, here’s to the next God knows how many more posts (and vids, sorry!)…chin chin everyone, bottoms up.

By the way, I’ve considered putting a paypal button on this blog ‘cause I know some of you would like to buy me a drink or two, especially now that I’m unemployed, but I don’t know how to go about it. If it's any consolation I promise to kiss you all on the mouth should we meet, I'll even shut my eyes. Deal? Deal.


  1. Tam if you kiss me on the mouth it wont be a consolation it will be the jackpot!

  2. omg HAHA!!! :) we started our blogs on the same day! isn't that something... well done tamaku! I look forward to reading more of your posts.. bon anniversaire mon ami!

  3. Tamaku,

    Congratulations! I am happy for you! Keep writing. Funny that you and Cuppatea started on the same day! Hmm, coincidence or what?

  4. Hi George,

    Hehehe, what more can I say?

    Hi cuppatea,

    A double toast then, you are inspirational. xxx

    Sema Deno, thanks dear. I love it most days. xx

  5. Congratulations Tams! And thank you for the entertainment.

    Is this the first commenter "our" George?

    I didn't know you were unemployed!! Kwani where have I been?

  6. Hey! belated congratulations but all the same, I wanna give u a humongous kudos to ur efforts to disentroll our people of homophobia. Thanks to the laughs and here is to more...( a toast!) cheers!
    Love ya xoxoxo!

  7. Love your blog, Came across it about 4 months shorty after I discovered I am a big homo. I laugh so much, It's like my daily fix of Kenyan Gayness when I am away from my home land.

    Tracey the Kenyan-Canadian Lesbian

  8. Paypal mambo gani. Kwani you've never heard of Mpesa?
    Seriously though i've been lurking for a long time and really enjoy your blog and style of writing.
    Please don't stop. Ever.

  9. Hi Mama,

    Thanx & you're most welcome. No, don't know who George above is. My George comes here very infrequently...;( xxx

    Hi stranger09 (aka Tracey),

    Thanx hun, it's nice to have company along the way. Love ya, xxx

    Hey Anon,

    Sasa wewe, mpesa naweza fungua account nijiite Tamaku kweli? Anyway, I feel like I know you, the special 'anon'...true! Umependa kunipiga ma-bomb na compliments all-in-one! lol! xxx x

  10. I know am late lakini happy blogger-versary!! Mwaaaah


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