Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy St Valentine's Day!

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We are just going out for dinner, George's treat. It's early but we both prefer tonight for our Valentine's Day date. Tomorrow could be trickier for a gay couple seen having an intimate dinner in this town. Not that I'm afraid or anything....

Have a great time whatever you do. Love ya xxx xx


  1. Happy St. Valentines...Juan Carlos and I are going to a brunch and a late afternoon party (a cherished invitation around here that we always get invited to...sniff, sniff) that JC hates because there is so much ENGLISH SPOKEN...always a issue around these parts...we all just do the best we can in our Spanglish but some hours are more intense than others! Abrazos are Universal and we send them to you, George and the rest of your ¨followers¨ too!

  2. Happy valentines and hope your date went well. Had a fab day maself. U take care.

  3. Hey Leonardo,

    Thanks for your lovely wishes, we send the same to you and JC. xxx

    Hi NF,

    The date was dreamy, imagine our first Valentine's together, I thought I was going to explode with joy!!! Nice to hear yours was great too.
    BTW, while the Mtwapa youths were going wild about the gay wedding, the 'marriage' btwn RAO and Kibaki seems to have broken down. Kenyans, we don't seem to have this marriage thing nailed down.

    Have a great week. xxx


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