Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm standing by you

I travel alone to London tomorrow on business, thankfully just for 4 days. I understand the weather there is arctic ; Please let me share with you Carrie Underwood's cover of 'I'll Stand By You'. Especially with my Ugandan brothers and sisters in mind during their darkest hours. Back soon, because I'll miss you, God-willing...



  1. Am sure u'll have loads of fun..Be sure to take lots of Photo's. Ohh and you get to go shopping too..Be Safe!

    PS: Do you know of any good Chinese Takeout places that can deliver to the Upperhill area


  2. Hi Deno,

    Thx, I got back last night. Trip went fine. xxx

    Hi Njoki,

    Not too much fun, but ok. Try this site. xxx

  3. Hi Lindsay,

    That's so sweet, thanks dear. I think I love you..xxxx

  4. Oh really?! :)



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