Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby cooked in oven

Do you recall the time last year when I was broody and dreaming about being a dad? Well, after that post I received an amazing amount of emails from people (women?) who were willing to offer their help. My euphoria quickly dissipated before you could say wank, cup and turkey-baster when I realised that all those offers were shocking rent-a-womb. I haven’t come across any laws which prohibit these arrangements, though it’s a grey area fraught with legal pitfalls. Turns out these scammers were only after my money offering to bear my biological child, one even asked me to M-pesacommitment fees’!!! Aaargh. But the real reason why I didn’t pursue it was on my mum’s advice. She said just be patient son, someone will come along with whom you’ll fall in love and you’ll be blessed with many kids. Problem is that mummy doesn’t know I’m in love with George but he’s never liked the idea of wearing a maternity dress though he’s partial to nibbling a nipple now and again, hahahaha...

Anyway in the course of my research I also discovered a place in Nairobi that offers IVF treatment. I just typed into google ‘nairobi ivf baby cooked in oven’ (as you would) and that was the top result. And I also discovered other such facilities in wonderful places like South Africa and India. I’m so excited but all I can say at this point is that I feel a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for us. Hint: Arrival of Tamaku Jnr may involve a lesbian friend.

Since you are now like family, and always so nice to me (unlike some people) you can all be uncles and aunts…


  1. That's a wierd coincidence, i was in the process of moping my progeny or lack thereof in the future. It is a wonderful thing to have a mini tammie running around breaking china... Aaaaaw!

  2. Hey NF,

    Gay people shouldn't be denied the right to have a family. It's absurd that this society thinks gays don't have these instincts while we have many closets bringing up kids. We may need to be more discreet about it just for now, though. But it's very possible - I have a gay friend who's lesbian pal had a baby for him. xxx xx

  3. I like the sound of that, Auntie Rox!! I will spoil that Kiddo utashangaa!!


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