Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who is the sexiest politician in Kenya? Vote here...

I know the way you guys like polls so I’ve got a new one for you. The question I’m asking is which Kenyan male politician you’ve got the hots for: Choose between (in alphabetical order of second names) Uhuru, Kalonzo, Raila and Ruto.

The poll is on the left, it’ll run for a while (scientific research, lol!) and pictures of the hunks are below to help you decide.

Uhuru Kenyatta

Kalonzo Musyoka

Raila Odinga

William Ruto

Happy voting.

*******UPDATE*****This poll closed and the results were announced on this post.


  1. LOL! Only you can come up with this. I vote Kalonzo, my fellow tribesman. I think that's how it works, ama?

  2. Hi Mwistar,

    I'll put an 'x' for you on the ballot which is to the left! (Read instructions, lol!!!) Nayu, uvoo wa Canada? xx xxx

  3. No contest! Kalonzo beats the others hands down. Raila will cum a distant second. Can't make up my mind who is last..

  4. Hi Anengiyefa,

    May be the one who would come last is not on this poll...ouch, ouch!!! Thanks for voting, if we end up with a dead heat I'll call on you to mediate - Kofi Annan-style...please. xxx

  5. ewww... c'mon tamaku. u wud hav given us better options. not these oldies. so its kinda obvious where my vote will fall.

    on the other hand, i think the sexiest kenyan politicians are danson mugatana and najib balala :D ama aje? ;D

  6. Tam,

    I am with anon above. You should include Najib Balala in that poll,to me he takes it, hands down.


  7. my vote falls on the sixth option... "skin me with a blunt plastic spoon and rubbing alcohol now please... " so clearly, i don't think much of the selection given... :-) aki sorry Tamaku, but daddies may be my thing, but not these types... something about politics makes a man either extremely desirable, or extremely ugly.. in these guys cases... you can guess...

  8. Oh, I don´t know...I imagine if I knew them better I would vote for personality and style (love style) as well as seductive manner and looks...whew, but, I´m a foreigner from another Hemisphere who see´s some appealing kindness and allure in the face Uhuru Kenyatta...tell me, is he a nice guy?

  9. None of those!!

    I like the new chair of electoral commission.. can remember his name.

  10. Hi Anon1, Anon2 and Gem,

    Mungatana and Balala are hot, don't know how I missed them out!!? Blame the hangover...BTW Gem, I like that expression about Balala..'he takes it, hands down'. Hehe, pray do xxx xxx

    Hi Leonardo,

    They are all very nice people. Very caring and very decent. We have the best politicians in the world. Much loved and admired for their selflessness and dedication to public service. Many work for free, not wishing to burden the taxpayer....(and I enjoy having sharp sticks up my ass)...xx xx

    Hi GNM,

    Even on a desert island?...Look

  11. Tamaku...kazi gani hii??..the above men are must have had one too many to come up with those men.This men have been in politics for eons, so they are used up tried and tested and on their way out....
    Please refresh the list.

  12. Please tell us who rumored to enjoy this life hahha

  13. Hi GYK,

    I see you are an opponent of Kenyan antidisestablishmentarianism but let's wait and see what this 'democracy' shows up. xxx

    Hi Shiko-Msa,

    Ehe, kura ni siri. xxx

    Hi Anon,

    I don't do rumours. Facts only. xxx

  14. Tam,

    The Joys of being anon is that I can choose to tell or not. You should bribe me. Me, you, dinner..minus George. But seeing that you have practically become Mke Nyumbani....lolest


  15. AIYAYAYAYA!! SACRILEGE.. how did you forget Balala.. that one .. any day... i swear.. chocolate sauce, a feather duster and a french maid outfit.. he he he... too much info? .. okay will stop now...:-)

  16. What the f**k?!you guys shld have come up with a better list.that list is rather disturbing.

  17. Balala shld not only be thea bt the only 1 on the list..he makes the rst luk bad..;-)

  18. This poll is incomplete without Najib Balala! He was my teenage crush. He takes the cake for me.

  19. raila just does it for me man...physically not really but thez lotsa of male thing that just oozes from him


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