Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kenyan gay is leading sex exporter

Am I the only one who was genuinely astounded to see the blog Kenya Gay Youth currently at number 1 in Kenya and in the top 20 blogs in Africa as ranked by our friendly gators? Perhaps I shouldn’t be because the adults-only ‘art’ featuring on that blog is the kind that sells big – now, now don’t all dash off at once. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, I've been a fan since the early days. I’m all for free expression and believe consenting adults should be free to make these choices. I wish I’d have thought of that myself! So, big up to gay young Kenyan for putting gay ‘art’ right up there. (That’s me trying to sound youthful but as everyone knows Tamaku is a lonely incontinence pants-wearing geriatric).

I see that the much respected and admired Bankelele has been relegated to number 2 spot, what’s the world coming to? Lol, don’t answer that question! I was tempted to headline this post as ‘Kenyan Gay Youth now sitting on top Of Banker’ but I stopped, thought it not appropriate.

Anyway good people, look out for my new blog called Hourly Adventures of Zakayo the Smiling Midget Whore before Condoms. It's a video now with remastered sound, so something else to come to.


  1. Hi Tamaku, I noted the Number 1 status quite a while ago. I'm listed among the list of blogs that he follows, so I get a troop of visitors from his site. However, these visitors remain for only a few seconds, because after they've scanned a few pages of my blog and can't find the "gay art" they came looking for, they rush out straight away, probably back to Kenya Gay Youth, lol.

    Yes, I agree, its commendable that he's attained such heights. I too felt proud when I first found out.

  2. Yes, I was surprised, is it something about bloggers or are there really gay Africans? Everyone I ask says 'no, no!'

  3. Number 1 in the country huh? Wow...!
    When i first saw it though i couldn't believe they were kenyans... So we're calling it 'art' cool, cool :)

  4. Hi Anengiyefa,

    Only thing is I now open that site with some degree of trepidation hoping he hasn't gotten his hands on those pics of mine I'm convinced are circulating somewhere on the web! A large volume of my traffic originates from that site, so I'm glad also... xxx

    Hi Simon,

    Officially there aren't any gay Africans, just Africans who've been corrupted by Westerners!! Lol! Makes one wonder...xxx

    Hi kahawaMoto,

    There are some pics of Masai warriors (or people dressed as). I do pay a visit now and then. A great stress-reliever! You should see the muscles on my forearm now!! xxx x

  5. Whats' all this about gator? Blonde me?!

    But, sex sells and congrats to our very own Kenyan Gay Youth. (:

  6. hi man....took a while to find this earler post of yours commenting on ma blog...anyway..it seems Mr. Aggregator is sleeping on the job.He now says i am number 2 in Kenya and number 49 in Africa.Since you jolted him earlier when he degraded you blog before,he now needs more double jolting,coz hes aiming to bring me, you and GNM to the lower cadre on the blogsphere.

  7. Hey people the blog site name kenyagayouth.blogspot.com no longer exists but has been replaced by Kenyangaymale.blogspot.com...enjoy..


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