Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm... commiiinngg......

Surely the best from the number one diva. Try listening to it while moving your head and shoulders cobra-style and the finger motion for added attitude, 'do you have a problem?' Is there a problemo? OMG, I'm gay beyond redemption, hehehehee!!

Once in a while they let me come out....(Poor italics get abused. Please, not to be confused with Italians - not many are poor)


  1. Aki Tamaku wewe ni m-naughty!! one of those days huh? Skive job uende George aku-sort, lol......thats my prescription

  2. Hi Rox,

    Imagine I used to be so naughty in school just so I could get 6 of the best! Habit. xxx

  3. Hiyo ni wazimu high class, but pia its shows creative thinking, lol, the teacher is huko thinking you're mourning in pain, walalalaaa


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