Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a tough job but Tamaku’s got to do it

George and I had a wonderful time. I had meetings scheduled in London for 3 days while staying at my brother Timmy’s in Esher. Initially George was to accompany me while visiting his sister who also lives in London with her family. However 2 days before we left Nairobi we had a telephone call to say that their youngest daughter was ill with swine flu which meant it wasn’t right to visit. Instead I asked my brother if I could bring a friend and he said yes. It worked out fine, my brother and his wife have two grownup children who’ve flown the nest so we had a room each to ourselves which was really hard on us both sleeping apart for the sake of appearances. On our last night there I couldn’t bear it so I sneaked myself into George’s room for a cuddle and squeeze but I fell asleep until the morning. When I got up to tiptoe on creaking floorboards across the hall back to my room I bumped into my brother’s wife Claudia coming out of the bathroom. The shock on both our faces said it all; I’m sure now Timmy knows the whole deal.

London feels like a home away from home for me, sadly we didn’t have enough time to revisit many old haunts. It was George’s first visit out of Kenya and it thrilled me to rediscover the delightful sights through his eyes even though the weather was being undecided. We even got to see where the real Queen lives and enjoyed a walk along Park Lane on a glorious sunny day. We went a bit wild shopping at Westfield mainly buying some le creuset cookware and Sabatier knives for our kitchen. Afterwards we went to meet George’s sister Alma for a sumptuous Italian lunch and 3 bottles of delicious white wine (yes, I started drinking again). We hit it off with Alma with no awkward questions and George was over the moon because he’d been agonising what she was going to think. Turns out Alma’s a delightful funny young woman and I believe a rewarding friendship lies ahead for us both. On our way back to Esher with shopping bags on the cab floor, we were kissing and holding hands like honeymooners and laughing and I enjoyed a nibble of Gee’s ear. We didn’t care, I got to know what our politicians' impunity feels like and the cabbie didn’t even bat an eyelid at us seated in the back. When the cabbie glanced on the view mirror he asked cheekily whether we were royalty from Africa and I said yes darling we are queens from the Kenyan Washoga tribe! I loved the freedom and safety of our anonymity. Thank you wonderful people of GB.

Our final week we spent with Kenyan friends Ron and Steve. They are a gay couple who are ‘married’ and living in North-East England in a beautiful flat with views over Newcastle’s quayside. I’ve known Ron since high school and they are both totally devoted to one another, George said to me watching them together is how he wishes gay men would be in a relationship. And he asked so many questions about gay married life I half-expected him to propose to me. Oh well, I can dream can’t I.

We spent some time looking around the sights (pics to follow) especially the breathtaking new steel and glass library in the city centre. Someone please start a petition: No more tacky bars in Nairobi’s CBD; we need a library badly. Anyway we also went to the gay bars dotted around the quadrangle of the Life Centre and even managed a session at a gay sauna (another post coming soon). Ron and Steve were marvellous hosts they even held a barbeque in the communal gardens where we met other gay and lesbian Kenyans and their English friends, it was fantastic. We had wonderful roast dinners and curries but it’ll be a long time before I forget our last teatime on their balcony overlooking the river as I ate through a box each of divine strawberry and clotted cream and all butter sultana cookies. We’ll be hosting many parties ourselves when some of these new friends visit Kenya this Christmas.

From Newcastle we took the train down back to London on the Thursday. I’d begged an old friend to chauffeur us to a special place where we planned to spend the last night of our holiday just me and George. We blew a chunk of my expenses budget at the Crazy Bear Beaconsfield but it was worth every penny, you should must try it if you get the chance. After dinner we just lay in bed talking, but I knew we both didn’t want the night to end.


Tamaku and George flew The Pride of Africa from and back to Nairobi. The service throughout was outstanding. (Now KQ PR department how about some complimentary tickets?)


  1. haha! I like The Pride of Africa ending. The KQ twittererer should be alerted. Twitterer, Twatter, Twitt.. ah! Nayhmsayin tho right?

    lol@getting busted by Claudia. Timmy will understand. Next time, bring George to Canada. The marriage certificate is kedo $45. Make an appointment and wrap it up by lunchtime.

  2. Is the little girl going to be ok? Pole for that but otherwise seems you had an absolutely brilliant time!! Ati you even saw where the "real queen" lives? hahahaa, ule wa uwongo anaishi wapi?......hmm, and you getting busted,walalalalaa, I have feeling she'll be easy, your bro too

    Yeeiiii for the library idea, Kenyans need to have better passtimes than those hand-to-mouth beer exercises!!

    I know you're well rested now, and at the rate ya'll are going I foresee a marriage, just have my card ready, whatever part of the world you'll be in......George sounds so sincere, he's a keeper!!......mad love

  3. Tamaku why were you and Claudia shocked? Si you had gone to pick a tooth brush which all this time you'd forgotten in a bag in the other room.

    Lolest at that new tribe! Queens from what?!

  4. Hi Mwistar,

    You never get if you don't ask, so worth a shot maybe! Canada is an interesting option but I think we'd fail at the residency requirements? Anyway we might consider closer to home in SA 'IF' the time comes. xxx

    Hi Rox,

    The little girl was fine even before we left London, thanks for asking. Your card for the ceremony will be hand-delivered don't you worry. xxx

    Hey Gay,

    Thanks for that! xxx

    Hi Shiko-Msa,

    I looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights! I'll file your explanation incase the issue pops up at a later date. xxx

  5. I absolutely enjoyed reading about your UK break! I just returned from a very brief, but satisfying holiday there.

    Thanks for the recommending the Crazy Bear Beaconsfield - I should give a try next time I travel. If you're into gentlemens clubs, I'd recommend the Oxford and Cambridge Club, Pall Mall...some anonymous person paid my bill!

    I completely agree with you on the library...Nairobi could really do with less tacky bars.

  6. I want 2 have a holiday JUST LYK THAT ONE! Sounds lyk u had FUN! I especially lyked the cab part! It made me laugh...ati mashoga tribe LMFAO!

  7. Oh Tamaku!! Its official...I sooooo love you!! Queen from the washoga tribe!! Too much. You really made my evening.

    Can't believe you bought knives and cookware!! I am one to buy stuff that can't easily be found here and people wonder why on earth I would settle for cookware....I am so glad I read this...I feel a little bit more 'normal' now. Are you sure your'e not my twin brother?


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