Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tamaku photo 1

Photo of me and a female friend from our recent holiday on a coldish
beach in the north east of England. We had just written on the sand
'Tamaku was here' when it was nearly washed away.


  1. Very nice, I can see the joy in your graces.

  2. Tam,

    How dare you wear Jeans and Sneakers to the beach! I am offended, BAH! At least show some feet, you tease!


  3. Hi Naughty feeling,

    Slowly, slowly all will be revealed. xxx

    Hi Leonardo,

    It was a lovely day on a beautiful piece of coastline. xxx

    Hi Gem,

    It was either the jeans and sneakers or frozen knees and feet! You like feet? I'll post that soon. xxx

  4. That`s lovely.Yapendeza hakika...

  5. Tam,

    Yes,I like feet. I've offered you a fair challenge. Now put up! :-)


  6. Je, huu ni ungwana? Ok. I'll be patient...:-)


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