Sunday, August 9, 2009

I missed you.....

Hello fabulous people! I missed you bad, bad, bad. George and I arrived back in Nairobi from our UK break yesterday. We had a great time and I’ll post tomorrow about our holiday. I really missed you all, did you miss me? Well, we are both so pleased to be back home to friends and family. On the plane back we were listening to this oldish Phil Collins track on George’s ipod while sipping brandy. It sounded amazing as we cruised at 33000ft so I remembered to share it with you. My other fav while flying is Coldplay's 'Speed of Sound'. BTW have I told you all that I love you? It feels fantastic to be back here. Thanks so much for all your lovely wishes that you sent...


  1. Hey Tamaku!
    Missed you sana, it's great to have you back. You must have had such an awesome time, I hope to feel part of it after you relay all the juicy and fun bits to us.....have a good rest now, xoxo

  2. Hey Rox,

    Thanks. It was fab, now just coming down from the high but such is life! Have a lovely week ahead. xxx

  3. Hi Tamaku! Welcome back to you and George, glad to hear you guys had an awesome break. Thanks for taking us on a little bit on your journey back, with Phil Collins track, filled with buoyancy, hope, the magnificence of what tomorrow holds, as unexpected as it may be,, good or bad. Such a wonderful way to begin the week, day, hour, with the anticipation of good things to come.

    Good to have you back although I too have been MIA due to workload; but its just good to have you back, spreading beaucoup love Tamaku style.


  4. Hi welcome back, looking forward to seeing the pix´s...another Honeymoon? Remember, we´ll be expecting you here one day.


  5. Papi... You know i missed you too!!!
    That's why i dedicated my last post to ya'll!!!
    Karibu nyumbani!

  6. Oh We missed you loads too. my dashboard was ever so dry without your juicy stories. glad to hear you had an awesome time. The break sounds like it was surely well deserved :)

  7. Yes indeed, I did miss you reading your blog. I originally came to your blog through a link from Ory Okolloh. Very entertaining. Thanks for bringing such energy and joy into your writing.

  8. Welcome back Tamaku. We missed you back.

  9. Hi peeps,

    You make it all worthwhile sharing my life here. I must confess all this love is like a wonderful drug, my life and how I am around people generally feels so much better for it. So a big thank you and massive hug to everyone. xxxx xx

  10. Welocome.Welo...welocome.Karibu home.

  11. Hey M,

    Thanks dear, much loved too. xxx


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