Monday, August 17, 2009

3 advantages of taking it up the arse

(1) People won't hear your farts....

(2) Less constipation...

(3) You don't have to kiss while having sex if you don't want to....

Have a lovely Monday and week ahead guys.


  1. *Speechless* nice argument you got there. Am sitting oo the fence on this one! lol. Have a lovely day too.

  2. That if you doing it dog style ,you know you can still do Missionary style the Kiss part is deleted from arguement

  3. Eh Tamaku, you're that bad boy Mama said has been corrupting my good morals..

  4. Hi Naughty feeling,

    Never mind, hope I haven't traumatised you!!! xxx

    Hi Anon,

    I see, but when doing it missionary style then more likely that you'll might feel obliged to kiss. So Kiss part remains in the argument. (I am!) xxx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    Mama was right but did you listen??! xxx

  5. I´m pretending not to be redcolored (since I´m pink already, I clash with myself, but don´t you worry about my personal sense of style/decor).

  6. Hahahaha!Ai...I think we should have a "Top Comic" show or is it "Tamaku Live"?

    And by the way I agree with you especailly on the part of "Kissing".

  7. No constipation... really? Don't tempt me now.

  8. Hi KK,

    Depends how severe the constipation is....some may cases may need a lot of work ;)
    Have a great weekend! xxx

  9. Finally, a reason not to eat my vegetables.. :-)


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