Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Joining the dots

It’s that time again friends. Yes we have another poll! Weeheeeii!! Well well, first let’s recap on what we’ve seen from polls conducted here so far:

1) The majority want Kenya to decriminalise homosexuality

2) Kalonzo Musyoka was chosen as the sexiest male politician

3) The dream cock picked was the cut one (such fashion victims *eye-roll, sigh* but the people have spoken!)

So what do these results really mean? My take is that many Kenyans will come out of the closet once Kalonzo becomes President of Kenya, but he first needs to cut a deal with KANU (party of the cockerel, get it?). There’s a method to the madness, please bare bear with me because that’s all the analysis my brain can process for now, it’s nearly full.

So, let move on to the new poll which deals with bisexuality. It’s on the left. Please vote. Thanks.


  1. I like your analysis!

  2. So where's the option for lesbians?...:)

  3. Hi Sinia Safi,

    My analysis takes getting used to...;

    Hi floatilla,

    I'm working on the lesbian angle, it's a geography that I'm not well acquianted with so it may take a while..;
    xxx xx


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