Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mind games

Jeez, I can only think of boys, sex and beer - and it's only lunchtime
on a Wednesday!

What's on your mind?


  1. I am thinking of food and how the hell i am goign to iron my clothes given the power rationing going on.sigh.))-:i am the new blogger bTw.

  2. Boys, sex and beer too...

  3. I´m thinking about a big dinner party I´m hosting in September...tons of people and I´m doing lots of new artwork and my sala/gallery is being painted as I type (Turquese one wall and Mango the other three)...whew, gotta go, today is my Juan Carlos´ Birthday, he is 34...I´m going to prepare a great dinner too.

    Such thoughts, I wonder why you have them? Seems natural to me (even the Beer part after not drinking for 30+years)


  4. Hi Brenda Sausage,

    So you are a meat lover, well just like me. Just different kinds! lol. Welcome to the world of blogging when we should be working! xxx x

    Hi kahawaMoto,

    You can say that again! There's never enough of it (rationing everywhere). xxx

    Hi Leonardo,

    First of all happy birthday to JC, and one so young! I feel envious of what you have planned besides the parties...heheehe! Enjoy my friend. xxx x

  5. Hi Tamaku, I should have been working, but I was thinking..and blogging. Your post made a difference to me earlier today. Thanks for it..

  6. you have a healthy mind mate!

    what is on my mind..... sleep!

  7. Hi Anengiyefa,

    Some days I do the same, of course you're most welcome fella! xxx

    Hi kip,

    Nice to see you again mate! Yeah, I need sleep badly, too much rahas and I'm not a chicken any


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