Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smelling lovely down there - The Washcloth

I've received an avalanche of emails from women ((ok, two) who choose
to do their men's laundry. It's a plea for help so I promised to post
it here so that the concerned menfolk (main culprits) can take
appropriate action:

'Dear Tamaku, I keep finding brownish streaks on my boyfriend/
husband's underwear, sometimes on our bed sheets too! I don't know how
to broach the subject because I assumed that grown men should have
learnt all about personal hygiene. Please see how you can assist.' -
Jane from Nairobi.

Ok first of all as everyone knows I have a wonderful policeman
boyfriend and he hasn't got that problem but I can understand how
revolting it is to view skid marks leave alone wash them off. Yuck!

So guys please take some extra care and scrub down there well until
it's fresh enough to lick (ehehehe) - simply soap and give it a
thorough rinse, repeat until washcloth is free of debris. You might
even discover you enjoy it (GAY! GAY!). And while you're at it also
wash your own underwear. Or else get a washing machine.

Jane and all women and men in similar dilemmas, you owe me bigtime! I
may call in a favour or two soon.

My good deed for the week is done.


  1. Heri ukishafanya hao mambo nawa na maji.

  2. I regard that with total contempt! yuck! how does someone let hygiene become a luxury? But wait a minute, no water=no bath=No hygiene...hmm go figure! i don't blame them on second thought.*Blank*
    Take care.

  3. You forgot to mention a good diet, i.e. veggies,fruits, go a long way in keeping the canals clean. Nyamachoma and white bread, a couple days in a row, can really destroy the loving feelings.
    While your at it, mention about a strong underarm deodorant.

  4. Hi Anon1,

    Hapo umedinya point! xxx

    Hi Naughty feeling,

    Apparently evidence points to the hairier the butt the more likely that 'debris' might be lurking. We should start a facebook group: 'KEEP THE CRACK HAIRLESS'! lol! xxx

    Hi Anon2,

    I hear that's how they keep the Amsterdam canals clean - by chucking surplus fruit and veg into the waterways? lol! You seem to be an


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