Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama to sign gay rights declaration

In a straight reversal of the Bush administration's policy, President Barack Obama will sign the non-legally binding United Nations declaration advocating for the decriminalization of homosexuality. By signing the document submitted by France in December 2008, President Obama wants to demonstrate his commitment to the wide spectrum of human rights. It is a significant positive step for gay rights worldwide. Unfortunately Kenya remains a signatory to the opposing statement.

Human rights groups report that homosexuality is still outlawed by more than 85 countries and that it is punishable by death in several Islamic states, including Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen. I am running a poll (to the left side of this blog) asking whether Kenya should decriminalize homosexuality. Please leave a comment to let others know what you think.

Yours truly even gets a mention.


  1. Those Guys in Nigeria really have BALLS to be photographed...I wouldn´t trust the misinformed in Akinolas domain for nothing!

    Quite clearly the Muslim Black Kenyan part of President Obama has joined forces with the Christian White part of his bloodstream and offers us better clarity on worldwide vision!

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    It's a small step in the right direction and a useful tool in the lobbyist's armoury. Champagne remains on ice for now.


  3. My goodness...are you still up in Kenya! Hope all is well, it´s early afternoon here and LIFE continues to be filled with encouraging revelations (did you read the news of the NEW President elect of El Salvador?) is blooming as the great ¨whilting¨ settles into new hope...out with the deadly past, in with the NEW!

    REMEMBERING, of course, that we´re living in the middle of a discerning PROCESS that may take some time!

  4. Hi Leonardo,

    We went to bed shortly after my previous response. I'll read up on the President-elect of El Salvador before I make comment. Thanks (or 'asante' as we say here).



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