Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking Gay

Judge I’m guilty as charged. I confess to loving nice things and looking good. It doesn’t stop there; my bathroom routine is nothing short of epic from exfoliating to moisturizing to unnecessary fortnightly trips to the cute barber along Kimathi Street. My colleague Sheila moans that I give her unfair competition when we speak at client presentations.

In the bars of Nairobi closeted gay men stand out like flashing neon signs in their designer jeans, trendy tops and ruggedly chic boots. Working out at the gym is ofcourse the gay man’s other religion. You can even spot the senior queens turned out immaculately in bespoke tailored jackets and shirts, tapping the soles of shoes that whisper sophistication and good taste. In their wake hangs the hazy seduction of signature colognes.

Am I alone in thinking that many gay men come with a higher degree of vanity?


  1. thanks for not saying all... i have issues with colour matching, my sense of fashion is simple...if it covers your nakedness, wear yeah i wear plaid in these current blistering hot months and don't even blink, i have one pair of shoes, and what is cologne?...:-) ok just kidding, i don't do cologne but i keep very stringent cleaning habits, i don't try hard, and it gives me that sort of rugged edge that some guys like...

  2. Hi Longlost,

    Fashion should be down to the wearer's taste. However I've come across the kind that I also would consider trying too hard. I think it should be down to what you feel comfy in. The subject of personal hygiene (lack of it) on the other hand is something that I don't consider up for debate..;) Have a lovely week ahead. x

  3. exfoliate

    The magic word in naturally lusterous looking which adds a exra glow to living more fully in the gasp and well, you know...don´t leave home without doing it!

  4. Walk into my dressing room and only by the number of will know. I have summer lights,woody and musky, flowery, evening and misty..and I have always deflected the question "why so many'?

    I love grooming myself and have an eye for fashion.. am not over the top but can be called trendy

  5. Guilty as charged! Well in regards to being a gym fanatic. However I don't really care much for clothes- I pretty much put on whats available, clean and ironed :)

    But I am OCD about my shoes. My shoes have to be the shit ( forgive my language) or I go barefoot! Thats the gay side of me right there.

  6. OMG Leonardo, GNM and Wildyearnings,

    Seems like I'm pretty 'normal', whatever 'normal' is! Lol, lusterous - it just rolls off the tip of the tongue. Scent is important for me too, and my shoes are an obsession that I might need medical help with. Nice week ahead to all. x

  7. 1. don't like cologne
    2. don't do "trends"
    3. prefer dowdy
    4. shave only when I have to--when I get too cave-man looking
    5. gym? what is that?
    6. have a MAJOR class critique of Nairobi's gay culture

    but then, again, I've never claimed to be "good" at "being gay."This is why I go with queer.


  8. Am a vegan and I don't smoke so that I do not ruin my skin and I apply a lot of foundation (damn), i've got more products than my sister(she complains, she asks what the concealer is for??) and I don't need to talk about shoes

  9. I'm a pretty normal gay boy. Have a few nice bottles of smellies (about 30 at last count), use a few products when grooming (arounds 12 odd if I remember them all) and have a few favourites when it comes to clothes (D&G, Hemisphere, Dior, Armani etc)

    So all and all pretty normal...

    (Geez, I'm a total 'wunder' girl!!!!)

  10. Hi Keguro,

    Dowdy has it's own appeal, I hope you don't hate being appealing..mmm.. *wink! I hope you'll share on the class critique of Nai's gay culture soon, I'm sure it'll be an eye-opener. x

  11. Hi Haute Haiku,

    I haven't taken it to the vegan 'extreme', I'm weak for nyama choma, tuskers and the occasional cigarette. I'm naughty I know..


  12. Hi Billy,

    Nice to hear from you again. Lol a 'few' smellies (30!!!), I know what to not send you for christmas!


  13. Well i must totally be the odd one out here, i dont obsess about the way i look. i just try hard to get out of bed. therefore i dont get much time to do the whole majordress routine. lol Never mind.


  14. I think I fail at being gay. No products WHATSOEVER. Unless one counts a bar of soap.

  15. Bwaha ha ha ha ha
    You are so right to say so. I live in the gayest town in America. It begins with a P (google it) and I can attest to your post being a true story. Hey I am not complainig. Me loves the eye candy very much xoxoxo


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