Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saying what I mean

Now that I bagged myself a policeman, I got day-dreaming today during a rather dull meeting at work about the fun I could have with double meanings around the subject of law enforcement. I scribbled some here:

- The long arm of the law (he who says size doesn’t matter is lying)
- Take the law in my own hands (yes please)
- The law is an ass (I am not incriminating anyone!)
- A hung jury (I think many will like this one)

I’ll see if I can come up with some more to amuse me as I think about my policeman lover. Feel free to share yours too!


  1. I've been arrested.

    I plead "no contest"

    "But officer, I didn't realize I was going so fast"

    "Would you like to see my credentials?"

    "I plead insanity"

    "I plead innocent"

    "I plead guilty"

    "Do you have a safety on your gun?"

    "I promise not to resist arrest"

    (I also dated a strapping police "officer" in my Zone in Puerto Rico for a year or so...he was on duty from 11:00 night until 11:00 in the morning...every other night/day...when I walked my dog early mornings he would stick his outside/ontop of the squad car when he passed me by and wave/signal his pending arrival/not arriving, his partner never knew...whew). I never knew much about him...we rarely talked.

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    Lol. Do you have a safety on your gun?! lol...I'm simple, love innuendo!


  3. Love the hung jury. Imagine, 12.. No wait, that's just too graphic.

  4. hehehe quite interesting!!

    Hows you and the policeman, Tamaku??

    Enjoy the weekend

  5. Hi Billy,

    Lol, 12! And then they lie and call it a trial?

  6. Hi Naijadude,

    We are very happy together with G.

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend too. x

  7. Me and paul think that your just after the trunchent meat.

    how you cuming along with them cuff-tricks


  8. To hell with you ass lickers and screwers.

  9. hey my name is kariuki i enjoy reading your blog. congratulations on your love with george. i have never been in love but i am still optimistic that one day i will finally find him. i wonder where i will meet my dream man my work has really overtaken my social life ( i am a doctor working at kenyatta national hospital.) any advice or do you know of some one interested in a serious longterm relationship??

  10. Hi Anon,

    Your sex life must be very dull because most of the human race do all of the above. Oh, by the way the 'technical' term for the first one is rimming. See, you learn something new everyday!

  11. hey am kariuki i hope you are well i enjoy reading your blog and congratulations are in order for you and your love george. i wish i would have someone i would share my love with but am looking for a serious long term relationship. any ideas why i can meet one or do you know of a single man looking foward for a relationship. i am a doctor currently working at kenyatta national hospital. thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Spyke,

    Lol, I had to google truncheon's very good!

    btw is Paul your bf? Tell me off if am being nosey!

  13. Hey Kariuki,

    Thanks for stopping by to offer your kind words. I don't think you have any reason to worry. You come across as an honest and caring person. Love is around us all the time, we just need to pause to see it. (Let me stop there, don't want my big head to start making me think am the love guru or something!)

    Anyway, I'm sure someone will come along to offer you the right advice. Good luck. x

    Ps. Doctors are hot, there should be a queue!

  14. "...we just need to pause to see it." Tamaku

    That's my experience. No matter where I am (or have been) if I just remember to "stay still" or even "stand still" and let nature take it's course...well, suddenly life takes a shape (some of the shapes are more interesting than others and some are more TRUSTWORTHY than others and it up to me to discern as best I can...pero, mistakes are allowed).

  15. P.S. I forgot the part about not having to have all the answers to all the unasked questions...listening is quite often better/healthier than try to "promote" anything...letting other people show interest/appreciation is a good way for me to handle's so much better than me frantically running around searching for "something/someone" to "fix" my lonliness...nature works best when I let nature do it's, I just show up...btw, since I'm older now, I've discovered there is still a audience for everyone at any age one grows into being...not to worry.

    Best to all,


  16. I knew someone would come by with some good advice. Thanks Leonardo!

  17. hey karis, im a dr in knh as well, how do i get in touch?

  18. Hi Anon,

    Wow, another doctor from KNH! All I can suggest is to leave a comment while logged onto a google mail account(gmail). That way you guys can make contact. Let's hope Karis gets to read this.

    I'm so excited.


    (I'm sorry but I can't publish anyone's personal information here)

  19. A hung jury... Hahahaha!!!! Loving ur blogging Tamaku


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