Sunday, March 8, 2009

The gay kenyan gets picked up

I am pleasantly surprised to see my blog mentioned amongst others by Gukira.

"I note, with great delight, the increasing number of gay and lesbian blogs on KBW and online!

Diary of a Gay Kenyan
Single Gay Life in Kenya
Wilde Yearnings

The longstanding
Rants and Raves of a Kenyan Gay Man

I feel like a proud mama–though I had nothing to do with these being set up.
Do let me know if I’ve left out others!"

I'm in good company.


  1. Its really good that gay Kenyans have a presence on blogosphere. We exist too!! And yay for the mention as well

  2. Amazing piece of fiction (it is fiction, isn't it?)

    I am a virgin to this blog (and just for dramatic-in-the-hope-of-getting-picked-up reasons)I am also a virgin sexually (-;

    Yer, it was a nice piece of article. I enjoyed reading it.

    See you around.

  3. Hi Anon,

    Even I was surprised how it turned out and to be able to share it with you. Stranger things have happened ;)

  4. Hi SeƱor Gay Kenyan,

    I´m Leonardo Ricardo/Central America/Guatemala and sometimes Puerto Rico (Caribbean) and I´ve just linked to your can find you listed with other, very cool, very informative, very REAL and vitally important lifestyle and news blogs at my ¨In The Thick Of Reality¨ sidebar.
    btw, I´m a Gay American, a Democrat, OBAMA YES but I dislike Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi the Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya as I´m a ¨inclusive Anglican¨ and he is more than NOT!

  5. Hi Leonardo Ricardo,

    Thanks for the link. I'll check out your blog too. I'll try and do an 'issues' post now and then, we can't hide forever. Peace.

  6. Thanks Tamaku, issues are great but so was the ¨date¨ that went ¨straight¨


  7. I'll post on the day after soon. Our date didn't stay 'straight' for long! lol!



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