Thursday, March 4, 2010

Habari gani? Give us a wave

Hello, hello, just a quickie to say we're fine thanks for asking. I haven't danced the last dance yet!  I've managed to avoid falling under a moving bus and when George mixed me a drink the other day I called out to him, 'no aconite root poison for me, honey bunch sweetie pie.' I'm just snowed under with some urgent work for a demanding client at the moment. I haven't spied a white car trailing us nor have strange men in suits and dark glasses turned up at the house asking to speak to me (sigh, a fantasy).

I arrived back from the UK on Sunday night unscathed. The brakes on my car work ok, and the drinking water doesn't taste any different however I was reading somewhere that you start to die the day you are born….

That's all for now my lovely friends. I'm feeling very cheery today so just wanted to say hi and that I'll be back soon. Oh, I've also caught a mild cold but nothing serious I hope. I'm happy with life generally and, contrary to rumours spreading like Starbucks, my blogging mojo hasn't deserted me.


  1. Hi NF,

    Nice to have your company. It's a post inspired by comments that George was planning my demise or something to that effect. Have a great day. xxx xx

  2. Good to have you back. I was hoping to get you before you travelled back from the UK. Maybe I'd tempt you to bring along a red Toyota Solara....

  3. Wewe Shiko wa Coasto,

    You got me there!! Hahahaaa...made my morning!
    xxxx xx


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