Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life is about one gay at a time and keeping fit playing sports (long version)

I think I’m getting a little lazier by the day. I resigned my job at the beginning of December to ‘pursue other interests’ because I believed life should not be just about sitting in endless meetings listening to the same old chatter and nodding like a puppy while dreaming, the sky is so blue and the sun is really shining brightly outside, how I wish I was working on a farm milking cows. We’re still looking for an ideal piece of land to come along at the right price. In the interim I get by on morsels dripping from freelance consultancy work but I’m not exactly overwhelmed. I even put in for voluntary work but nothing yet.

George also left his job with the police force. He’s now a supervisor for a security firm (not the one that keeps losing millions of shillings in transit, ok?). I can’t tell you which one otherwise I’d have to kill you, lol! Anyway he’s definitely getting more confident; thankfully he’s never had that problem in bed hehehehehe. A long time ago I read lies somewhere (no doubt by a sad and lonely bachelor) that there’s nothing like an impotent man; just an incompetent woman. Some men! And the pay George is getting is way better. I’m so happy for him because your self-esteem can take a dent when you’ve got a college diploma but end up working as a Nairobi traffic policeman (many might disagree).

Weekdays I normally get out of bed 8am-ish scratching my bum yawning and thinking foggily, ‘Thank you dear Lord for a lovely new day but what am I going to do with it?’ The demons in my head reply, ‘Tam, today you are going to do less than you did yesterday,’ and shortly after I have breakfast, cooked for me by Imelda (tireless gay-friendly house-keeper). I then sit sipping Sasini-gold black tea in the garden or on the balcony while I catch up on the newspapers. I can’t bear the morning news on the telly. I think that’s when you’re most likely to endure dyslexic presenters. One newsreader who looks like how I imagine William Ruto's and Martha Karua’s lovechild might look over shuffles papers as though she’s ad libbing, everyone knows it’s the autocue, sweetie.

I grab a quick wash next, lately singing what, what in the butt for inspiration. Let me confess at this point, my friends, that yes I do pee in the shower. Don’t be disgusted it’s really textbook man-alone-in-shower and we’ve had this conversation before. It’s how men are plumbed between the legs even the bits look like taps anyway. After I dry myself and dust some nivea pure fine talc on my nuts I get dressed. Freedom means no more suits just tracksuit bottoms and loose kitenge tops. I then sit in the study lying to myself that I'll get some work done at the computer. BTW, there are so many unsecured wireless connections around here it beggars belief. Every other day I also make kit calls to former colleagues (to keep in touch). It’s easy to forget and be forgotten and I also don’t want to cut myself off completely from other humans. This goes on till 11am when I go downstairs to join Imelda for the rest of the day. She’s usually getting our lunch ready or doing some cleaning so I get in the way talking too much while drinking lager. I know it’s very naughty because I now drink at least 3 deliciously cold tuskers before lunch. But not the other day because I wanted to be sharp while live-streaming Clinton’s major policy address on internet freedom. Cheers and good work Hillary!

Imelda is wonderful company and so, so easy to be around. I’m not just saying it, she really is one of God's angels. I love to bounce my tipsy ideas off her from the labyrinth I used to navigate that is branding and PR. In exchange I’m learning about accounting and finance (she’s taking a course at a college in town). Some days I forget about lunch (cold beers can numb the mind and they dull the appetite). So we play some pool (I'm good, but not misspent-youth good) or darts (flukey) in the family room which we converted to a games room and I end up having 5 or 6 half-litre cans straight from the fridge before 3 pm. Imelda never has an alcoholic beverage during the day unless it’s election time when we are nervously awaiting results but sometimes I secretly wish she’d drop her guard because I’d love to peel away the layers for a sneaky peek, see what I find (*major eye-roll*, some people and their filthy thoughts, eish!). She told me last week that now she’s got me during the day it’s like we are a married couple. I laughed but I wasn’t thinking anything like that. I just hope we get to that farm or something worthwhile to do soon. Check my CV, if you hear anything interesting please drop me an email.

In the meantime you can all rest assured that I’m getting better at playing pool.

(Pic is of the shoeshine bank on Aga Khan Walk - Harambee Avenue near my old office)


  1. Tams LOL really a farm? I differ
    We've just moved kind of like living in two houses (in the outskirts), it's far from my stage 20 min. Water brought by donkeys, elek fluctuations I have to use pasi ya makaa. Gun shots at night, donkeys braying or croaks not forget there is a stream that has crocodiles! Am not lying I want to move back to Nairobi it's just that it is so peaceful during the day and I've got nothing to do, still waiting for the internships I applied for too. Not forgetting drinking salty water = brown teeth. Sigh am a city boy

  2. Hi Haute Haiku,

    Pasi ya makaa (charcoal iron press) is not the end of the world, but the gun shots at night..eeks! By the way I checked out that donkeys bray because they lack company ;) and croaks sound cool too. As for the crocs in the stream - that's just my dream. Perhaps you could get some tents and charge guys to stay over?

    Good luck with that internship, things always work out in the end. xxx

  3. Eh a guy! Si you are balling sana!! And all that O-cohol? Hmmm, I am jealous enough to start praying for a farm for you soonest. Much love, and I'm glad that you took the plunge. In some ways I have too

  4. Totally love ur blog...*smiles & pats T on the back

  5. Tamaku
    Happy New Year to both you and George, my first post to you this year.
    It seems you both of you have decided to make big changes.

    Resigning your lucrative job, without having another one lined up. That is very brave of you. Why didn't you wait until another job appeared?

    I wish you the best. Take it easy on the lager, otherwise you'll turn into tubby Tamaku, and George may well be put off by your accumulation of extra adipose tissue. Besides, too much fat isn't good for you.

    Good luck

  6. Mwah!! Great stuff! LOLs!!!!!!!!

  7. I wish had the guts to leave me job tamaku lazima wewe unampango sawa sawa hahha imelda na huo mvinyo usijeukamshikashika mama wa watu any way best of luck in your future lete story lakini

  8. Another day in the life and times of a gay Kenyan! ((-:

  9. Hi Rox,

    I'm going to take it easy for a while don't want to be boozy tam! xxx

    Hey Curious Kenyan Lass,

    Thanks! xxx

    Hi CodLiverOil,

    Happy New Year to you too! I hope I haven't jumped into the fire. What's meant to be will be. Love ya. xxx

    Hi Lindsay,

    Mwah hun! xxx

    Hi Anon,

    Siwezinikamshika Imelda, she's like my sis. xxx

    Sema Deno,

    You can say that again, lol! xxx

  10. OMG, your liver! LOL

  11. ah ah ah...I am basking in the glow of sublime gay wit. Wry wit. Observational, intelligent, whimsical, humorous wit. And verbage to die for....*sigh* Have immediately applied to the heavens for a tamaku gay live friend. And yes, I know, its a well worn cliche...single hetero girl with or wanting gay friend...but f*** it...I want one!!!!

  12. Hi Anon,

    I found work just got in the! xxxx

  13. Hey gal africana,

    I'm soo available sugar, we can do many fun things together like shaping our eyebrows? Drop me an email if you're game...xx xxx


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