Sunday, January 10, 2010

What to do now?

First poll of 2010 is here. Thanks for those who voted in the last one, I hope anyone who confessed to seeing me naked in their dreams has dried themselves up after a cold shower. Anyway (moving on swiftly) this new poll concerns the boyfriend of a friend’s cousin, a best friend and Facebook. I’m told the issue of cheating is one that plagues many gay relationships. Please vote and let me know what you’d do in the circumstances; poll’s on the left.


  1. That poll needs one more option. Namely, brush off the bestfriend yet keep it from the boyfriend.

  2. Tam,
    I Voted, laugh it off with the bf to gauge his reaction to disseminate #1, then respond to said advances without bf noticing. Coups are sometimes imminent :D

    Did anyone have to read this twice?:"the boyfriend of a friend’s cousin, a best friend and". sounded like a riddle, a who who?


  3. Following the publication of articles by The Standard newspapers, that border on hate-speech against the gay people in Kenya, by homophobic writers and authors of the same, I have decided to boycott the paper indefinitely and its media wing, KTN. LGBTI supporters and all people of good will are being urged to do the same.

    This follows the un-apologetic publication by the Standard of Barrack Muluka’s article entitled “Homosexuality perversion is a threat to survival of humankind.”

    The Gay and Lesbian Coaltion of Kenya (GALCK) wrote an open letter to Muluka and he responded arrogantly. I will fight against any form of hate speech or biased writing pulbished or not against anyone because of their race, sex, gender, creed, ethnicity and sexual orientation, sexual expression or identity and I am calling on other people to fight against the same.

    Please check out these links for more information. ---GALCK's open letter ---Muluka's response

    Denis Nzioka

  4. Hi Jay and Lindsay,

    I agree it should have had that option in hindsight. Never mind...;) xx xxx

    Hi Anon,

    Sounds like a plot; xxxx

    Hello Shiko,

    Sijambo! We are keeping well and hope you are too. Happy New Year hun. xxx

    Hey Denis,

    I read the article; it has the hallmarks of an uninterrogated mind (to paraphrase Prof Makau) wracked with guilt (I call it the ex-Catholic Boarding School Syndrome) which seeks to silence the demons of an insecure sexual identity. A certain media house is overflowing with such scum masquerading as journalists. Some of them, when you see them without their clothes do have nice bodies though...I'm only! xxxxx


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