Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What do traditions have to do with any marriage?

Homophobes like to argue against gay unions citing 'traditions'. So here comes a video clip* that deals with some of those 'traditions'.

*With permission from Keith Hartman


  1. Wow! really clever...argues out what we try to argue in a simple yet effective way. Wish u cud post this on mashada & kenyanlist websites, to educate the phobic mass a wee bit. Thanks T..

  2. This is sick! It's totally twisting what the bible says. Obviously the people that made this video didn't research what the bible meant but only what it said. Did you know that the devil used scripture to try to tempt Christ? I also like how they used traditions from different places & times. Some "traditions" they used actually weren't traditions for more than ten years. The only reason we know about them is because of how extreme they are.

  3. Hi kipsang,

    "...totally twisting what the bible says." That's exactly the point they are trying to drive home, how some preachers and many others selectively misuse scriptures to justify their homophobia. xxx


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