Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chickens come home to roost and some even want to touch your tits

About half a year ago I posted here about my concerns on the growing security threat facing Kenya from lawless Somalia unless drastic preemptive action was taken. There are various elements from that territory (some have already shown their hand in last week's audacious riots in Nairobi's CBD) who threaten our way of life and the government must waste no more time in taking decisive action to smash them.

Otherwise we face a real risk of having Kenyan womens' bras confiscated if they should fail the Al-Shabab firm-bust test.


  1. I no longer feel safe in Kenya -despite the fact that I am a born and bred Kenyan- given the show last week by Muslims. Every time a Muslim tries to tell me that their religion is peaceful, they go off and do something like what was witnessed with the demo last week. And what's more? The only reason why they protested is because Faizal is (not a terrorist but) a Muslim! When most of the youths throwing stones and bricks were asked who Faizal was, majority did not know! All they said was that he was Muslim! And that's why they were protesting! Do they know the guy spend 7 years in a British jail for links with terrorism?

    I wish that the Government cracks down on the organizers and activists who planned this. We cannot be held captive by a few extremists.

    I for one support the crackdown and arrest of such radical religious groups and call for more border protection. We also need to protect our youths from being converted. There needs to be strict immigration rules to persons who are a threat or appear to be.

    And why are people not speaking about these radical Muslim teachings and clerics and their teachings? Do we have to wait till a Kenyan born suicide bomber blows himself up on a bus or KQ plane then we start addressing Muslim fundamentalism here in Kenya? We need to talk about such stuff NOW.

    Lastly, I do not support Kadhis courts in our Constitution. They have proven that they do not deserve to uphold the rule of law, not as long at the ones its intended for break the rule and do damage to other Kenyans all in the name of religion.

  2. Haha. I love how ironic this is. During the post-election violence, North-Eastern was the most peaceful province and even received many IDPs from other provinces. Also, Muslim communities tended to be more peaceful than their Christian counterparts. They even welcomed IDPs, donated money and foodstuffs to help IDPs and generally abode by the law. No one said anything about Kikuyus or Luos being a danger to national security. Many Muslims didn't not feel comfortable living as Kenyans when all the tribal violence (by Christians) was going on, so Dennis Nzioka please spare us the speech about being afraid to liv in your own country because "the Muslim threat". You people forget so easily the time when Muslims were the beacon of Kenyan peace and stability. You ignore that an overwhelming majority of Guantanamo detainees and those detained in other similar facilities are completely innocent. Worst of all, you make assumptions about a religion you know close to nothing about and go as far assuming that it is Islam which is violent instead of a few people who are lashing out against the injustices committed against them (though i admit, they do so in the wrong manner). You'd make a very interesting case-study for a psychologist studying amnesia or turrets.

    P.S. Do you even know what the functions of the Kadhis court are? How has it failed when it barely had any power to begin with? Kadhis courts only deal with matters such as marriage and inheritance, which they do a much better job of settling peacefully (and to the satisfaction of all parties) than other courts.

  3. Funny. Members of parliament from another country living in another country. Without touching on Al-Faisal or anyone else involved in his saga, I'd say in general I'd love for visitors to be grateful, accept hospitality and not engage in unbecoming acts - least of all rioting and causing mayhem in the host country!! This is a security issue more than religious.

  4. @ Shiko,

    You're right, this is about security (mainly the lapses of), the overwhelming majority of people from Somalia living in this country just want to live in peace. xx xxx

  5. It's a shame that some will blame a religion on something that a few do. A professor told me once, 'there's a a thin almost-invisible line between what's there and what we see (whether out of our own delusional choice or what the media sticks in front of our noses)'.

  6. Kush nailed it with his/her response.

    Sad, Dennis/Pater, that as a person from a social group that is discriminated against, you choos to tar another WHOLE group with the same brush.

  7. nzioka can go to hell if he does not see the truth in Islam. After all thats where people like him belong, even according to Christian teachings!?


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