Sunday, January 17, 2010

Which uncouth homosexual tried to finger Barack Muluka, eh? Now look what you’ve done.

I was sitting alone in the garden the other morning having breakfast and trying to figure out what event could have triggered the recent outburst from Barack Muluka. Question: By the way is it Barack with a single or two r's? I felt the anger in the article, it was very personal, I thought here’s a dude who needs to get a grip and lighten up. Especially when I read that part about coming ‘across uncouth male characters who will even try to finger you in conversation and try ‘taking you out’. Mmmmm....this one takes himself too seriously.

Sounds to me like a distressed plea to get shown the ropes on how to ‘congress homosexually’ (reverse psychology 101 chapter on Spotting the Repressed Kenyan Homosexual). Yuck, these ‘journalists’ will try anything all in the name of advancing their craft. Ok fair enough Barry, you know me, always happy to help out. Only condition is that before we proceed and get you trained on this fingering business I must insist you first have an enema. Pure and simple. Yep, you heard right! No ifs no buts darling, fix a hose of gushing water up your arse and enjoy. You can tape old copies of the Standard on the walls to prevent any splatter messing up your room’s decor. Because shit happens also make sure you do it when you are all alone, they’ll be a lot of erm, previously unseen compacted faecal material. (The mental picture was enough to put me right off my breakfast,lol).

Allow me to refresh your memory, dear reader, just where you might have come across that brand of fascist vitriol before. The unwarranted aggression and habit of conflating abhorrent acts of criminality (rape, bestiality , paedophilia) with homosexuality is spookily common to that toerag blogger ‘Blake’ who used to spew his lies here before he got shut down. He’s always whining about how he was shat on. These bullies who can’t take it like a man, I pity them. Since he moved to the other place he’s faded into obscurity.

Or is this the resurrection?


  1. LOL LOL LOL..! Even before i read your piece Tamaku, i was rolling on the ground ! The heading is the bomb! So how long before he lets more than a finger in his nether posterior region?

  2. You had me at, "Which uncouth homosexual tried to finger Barack Muluka, eh? Now look what you’ve done."
    Thanks for a refreshing opinion.

  3. Tamaku, i believe Barrack had a point here
    'The lowest common factor between the rapist, the paedophile, and the dog man is that they have evolved perverted carnal appetites that runs contrary to the law of nature'.

    And guilty as charged you attacked the messanger instead of checking the viability of the message.

    Taabu of Kumekucha

  4. Is anon #2 saying that gays=pedos? I dont get it. Is s/he saying gays=bestials? Still don get it. Mpaka lini will these people understand that IT AINT ALL ABOUT SEX????

  5. Tamaku labda alitiwa kidole chenye mikucha ikammumiza

  6. Barack Mulaka is a HERO!!

  7. Now who is this hero called MulAkA? Lol!


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