Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go, Kenya Go!

I’m delighted with the news that Kenyans are now using over 15 million condoms per month up from 7 million. It's phenomenal considering George and I only got together last year and also after that scare about 'leaky' condoms in the market! By the way would it be fitting to name such a child 'Houdini'? Lol!

Seriously though, I just pray the statistics are to be believed because I haven’t seen anyone round our house rifling through the bins....


  1. LOL yeah that's really great considering that prison wardens are smuggling condoms in the clink for the jailbirds, I was like LOL. At least they are having safe sex. You watched news jana?

  2. HH & T,

    Speaking of condoms, I like the fact that the Kamiti warden did a noble deed by supplying guys in there with condoms for you-know-what! Goes to show that the system may not be blind to what really goes on ((-;! Too bad he was caught. I wonder now who will be supplying our brothers?

    Can any of you volunteer to be bringing them condoms, say, twice in a week? While you are at it, how about some lubes?

    I may be Catholic and I love the Pope but hon, safe sex ROCKS!


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