Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorry to have kept you waiting, I’ve been very busy making love

Time has flown by while Foreign Affairs Minister Wetangula and his posse of civil service mandarins were delicately finding the right tricks to cajole - successfully by the way, yippeee! - Dubai, to rescind that country’s earlier unfair visa rule for Kenyans. But at what cost still remains to be seen. When will people get it that Earth and all in it even Emirs are just God’s chattels? Meanwhile George and I seem to have discovered our second wind on this magical journey through life together. Our love and commitment to one another just gets stronger by the day, if the lust we’ve got for each other is something to go by. George has been with me at home on a week’s leave from work.

I hope that last sentence explains the silence on my part for the past week or so. You see, we’ve been at it constantly - sometimes thrice a day, delightfully ignoring that archaic Kenyan law which says gay sex is "carnal knowledge against the order of nature." So if you’ve spotted a middle-aged-without-the-spread, bespectacled and goateed male of suspect androgynous appearance, shaking it (many accuse me of being a Sugar-Daddy) and a younger, athletic dish of a stud with a Maasai Moran’s fluid spring to his step (would be George, wrongly fingered as the Toy Boy) wandering through a Village Market in the afternoons and you thought jealously to yourself, that pair is wearing a dazed-look of sexual satiation on the face like the pussycat that got the cream, you know what, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark…..heheheheee..


  1. Well gasp and swoon! was that you two i saw then in village market , looking dazed with sexual satiation... i was the guy who sniffed past , wearing a deep look of perennial sexual frustration..... he's gorgeous! Keep him well away from some of those nai

  2. Gai fafa! Wewe Tamaku ur just plain nasty! Ouch...U make me blush in th offe! Mama mia! Al take you up on that coffee offer! A must!

    Waddya say?


  3. I love your blog. You write well. I hope you are one of those handsome fit gay men that us women lust after and wish we could have but can never. Keep the diary going.

  4. Tamaku, u gats so many admirers!!

  5. I SOOOO LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Well done Tamaku and keep the candle of love lit. Now if only you could share George...

  6. Wah! I am jealous, even I wanna be in love like this. Enyewe forbidden love is just it!


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