Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dubai’s deep love for Kenyans revealed in new visa ruling

The news that Kenyans wishing to set foot in Dubai will need to possess a minimum of a Bachelors degree (no diplomas, please) has caused great concern to many who travel there, especially on business. It seems an overreaction for the UAE government to subject Kenyans to this collective punishment just because four of their ‘royal’ nationals were recently booted out of Kenya.

Earlier this afternoon it struck me that perhaps these new rules should not be seen as an act of aggression. I’ve concluded that the rulers of Dubai are only acting out of deep love for Kenyans and with our welfare utmost in mind. The Emirati are so concerned that we are clogging up our roads with their cheap second hand cars to the detriment of our own motor industry. Most of these cars have almost had it by the time they get here, damaging the unspoilt Kenyan landscape and blackening our blue skies. Our Arab friends also hate to see hardworking and enterprising young Kenyans wasting their lives away slogging for them as overworked domestic servants and in their hospitality industry. The logic is that they know how much Kenyans are drawn to bright lights and tall glass buildings so they’re saying, go get yourself a university degree and then we’ll let you come to our country. On their part the Kenyan government should get cracking and create lots of jobs so that the degreeless do not have to travel to this Gulf State chasing menial jobs just to survive.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s Foreign Minister has been dispatched in sackcloth to go wash the feet of the besandalled royalty. We are told that while he’s there he will also attempt to ‘clear up this misunderstanding’ which is diplomatic-speak for I can’t believe these c**ts are behaving in such a childish way.

So try and remember that the Emirati really do love us Kenyans, some of them just have a different way of showing this love. Take for example how one of their royals was captured torturing a man - including feeding him sand - in the video below. Given this overwhelming evidence, of course justice was duly served. Lovely country, can't wait to get back - now, where did I put that degree certificate?


  1. That video was hard to watch; I only made it through 1:16 of it. I remember hearing about that on the news...

    Ugh, when will Africans learn that we are not PEOPLE?! We are only good enough to sweep up after non-Africans, care for their babies while sending our piddling wages back to our own children in the village, or possibly be exotic creatures that they can ogle and hang clothes on while we saunter down their catwalks.

    As if every foreigner who enters Nigeria or the U.S. has to be a university graduate... PLEASE. This news has changed my view of the UAE. Africans should stop supporting them with tourism. I was actually thinking of visiting for vacation; perhaps I'll reconsider taking myself (along with my expensive degree within its equally expensive frame) to Kenya!! Goodness knows I'll feel more welcomed... sheesh!!

  2. I second your sentiments mate.It was a very petty and reactionary move by their administration.The decision does not benefit either anticipating a quick resoltion,well,after sufficient grovelling & bootlicking by wetangula and co.

  3. Hey peeps,

    I hope you all get me that I'm not against any sovereign nation's decision on whom they should allow into their territory. Lakini hii ni madharau mbaya. Also check out this commentary. Peace. xx xxx

  4. OMG!!! WTF??? This video is so shocking, tragic! No comment!

  5. That’s the ugliness of humanity...Here are some questions i constantly ponder on: 1) Have Africans been oppressed and undermined for so long that a few end up truly believing their worth ain’t that much? I’ve met individuals who are convinced that they're cursed & doomed to fail coz they're African. Sick but true. 2)What if these individuals passed on this lack of self belief to their children? Will the mindset of these kids evolve?
    3) What about those who, though they truly believe in themselves & their dreams,get sucked into the hang ups that come from being discriminated coz you’re different? I once encountered racism first hand in MY country. And the one thing that scares me to date is that I was so angry (long after the incident was over & I had narrowly escaped getting fired coz of the hell i raised) I almost made up my mind to hate all white people. Then it hit me; if I resent white people coz of 01 small minded individual, the stupid bitch wins. Coz she will have narrowed the possibilities of my experiencing the beauty of humanity. She’s a single individual in a vast universe. Her opinion is just that; it won’t change my worth as a person; a person oozing serious awesomeness & that awesomeness is going to impact the universe. True, it is hard but what’s the alternative ? Whine, give up & just go thro’ the motions? C’mon, that’s a fate worse than death. AND THE MORONS WIN


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