Thursday, May 27, 2010

‘Safaricum’ spurts out the good stuff

Thank you Michael Joseph and staff -MJ, how about a moonwalk at the next AGM? - for guiding Safaricom to spectacular profits and an improved divi yield in a challenging environment. I’ve been waiting for the results ever since that evening when I realised just how expensive your network is for browsing gay porn on my netbook as I waited for George sitting in the carpark at Fogo Gaucho. I try not to be too antisocial so I didn’t jump on the restaurant’s wifi and gobble up their bandwith. A couple of times you’ve even left me hanging just when I was starting to enjoy taking matters into my own hands. So I hope you’ll appreciate this picture - your modem which beams to me those delightful filims, and a representation of the proverbial cash cow (here modeled by George’s piggy bank).

My patience has paid off - as they say it’s been good business doing pleasure with you. Which reminds me, I heard an analyst on the telly the other night speaking with a corrupted American twang advising that Safaricum is an accumulate and hold for generous medium term gains.

That’s music to some ears.


  1. Hehehehe!! Loving the title, the pic....everything basically! Made my morning!:)

  2. haha hutosheki na George mpaka utizame makuchu wengine wakitiwa

  3. Nice flash holder hehe...

    In other news, Safaricom bana are effing kidding! NO!!!

  4. ha ha you are crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one though.


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