Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love (Feel no shame, come get some)

Hello World! I knew there were so many ways to be in love even before I posted this dedication to the wonderful Lindsay. However that's not even the half of it. Truth is there’s enough love to go around if only we all open up our hearts but I don’t mean you should all become raving homos. Allow me to take very good care of that perversion. Years ago I was introduced to Anita Baker's music by ex-girlfriends who still remain much cherished friends. Mwaah, hey to you fabulous LO and MM, you know who you both are. Time for some more confessions - yes, I had many wonderful and beautiful girlfriends in the past - way before I acknowledged my persistent and explicit homosexuality . So, as you can see there’s enough deep and nondiscriminatory love to go all round. I hope you enjoy the vid, and have a great week ahead. Tomorrow I plan to tell all about what happened when a very hot and handsome repairman came to our house last week. xxx xxxx


  1. Heeey!!

    Whatever happened to that coffee date? *wink wink*!!

  2. Sorry...meant to use this a/c

    Contact you. How do I do that?

  3. can't wait to hear all about it Tamaku! You got me hooked to your blog!BTW, I would really appreciate if you found the time to take a look at my blog, tell me how it is.. It's a diary of sorts. Here's the link... please tell me if I'm doing it the right way since am new to this. Warm wishes. xoxoxo

  4. Hey Lindsay,

    Drop me an email at kenyanballs at gmail dot com. xxx

    Hi sugar n' spice,

    I'm on my way to you...thanks. xxx

  5. bela musica tanaco, beautiful music


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