Sunday, May 23, 2010

Even Charles Darwin can’t explain Quincy Timberlake

People, I really feel your confusion having to watch this trio once again hogging our airwaves. Many men have written, words inked in email-tears of anguish, to tell me they are in Esther-shock but I pleaded with them please don’t chop off your dicks because this is not a new phenomenon. The pain of disappointment does subside once you start dating other men as it happened to me years ago when I heard the news that Whitney was marrying Bobby.

I’ve also been really struggling to understand this Quincy Timberlake. Presidential aspirant Hellon seems harmless enough, in fact I think he’s been over metrosexualised. Just check out those long manicured surgeon’s fingers and the delicate baby curls, aaww, how sweet. Just what we want in a president because that’s how you can tell the country will be in good hands. As for Esther, well you can’t say she doesn’t look like she’s getting it good and regular from hubby Quincy also known as Zuma Wambita. I mean just because his brain isn’t working properly doesn’t mean his slim shady won’t stand up and do a real job. You can bet there’s a lot of nightly babbling wooowiii, wooowiii out of Mrs Timberlake, it’s written on her face the way her fringe is flourishing, and everyone knows it in their heart of hearts that she must be on to some seriously good zuma wam-beating it. So let’s just put jealousy to one side.

But Quincy as a person? He’s such a closed book perhaps because he‘s never opened one. And it’s painfully frustrating when he uses that language that only he speaks so fluently. I’ve tried my best to find a human who’ll teach me but to no avail. George is urging patience, he says come 2012 when the trio are in Statehouse, by a landslide, we’ll all get lessons because they’ll ask us over for sleepovers. We await in a state of anticipitalitis.


  1. I just can't wait for when Esther falls pregnant and as it has happened to so many a woman before her, her eyes will open and she will see what a fool she has been taken for by Mr. Zuma Timberlake. And the man will become as nasty as many other men have done before. I once was in that state. And the question she will ask as I have done so many a day, is why did I not see this? Was Iam under the influence of drugs or something sinister.Only time will tell. And I for once, can not wait to see how this situation will unfold.

  2. Hi Anon,

    It looks bad but maybe this thing needs fresh eyes. I feel I'm missing something, just can't put my finger - pardon the pun - on it.

  3. Okay, I am now genuinely scared that these guys will win in 2012... their confidence is unnerving

  4. Esther's issue is pretty obvious, she is looking for someone to tell her what to do, manage her life. I bet most of her decisions were made by her parents. She has not had a chance to make her own decisions, and though she is expressing independence, she jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

    Parents have to guide their children to make their own decisions, not just infantilize them.

  5. I'm so sick of those idiots. I can't wait for the effect of whatever drug they are on to wear out so we can go back to our placenta-free existence :-)

  6. interesting me the things of Africa, I am from Brazil love your blog.

  7. OMG! Hellon should ease up on the Hair Glo, jeez...
    Could someone tell me where I can sign up for a sample of whatever it is these people are smoking? It must be some good stuff...
    I don't even know if I should be scared to death or tickled pink....


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