Thursday, May 20, 2010

My fellow Kenyans, why do you love to hurt with your words?

Recently the LGBIT community held a soiree at the National Museum to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia(IDAHO). The irony of this is that our local media is now frothing even more vile homophobia.

The Bible-thumping brigade, that had slept through a man slaughtering his five year old son, suddenly woke up claiming to be the Anointed Ones whose names are even written in the tablets of Moses. They thundered: ‘Homos, we-who-sin-not, have been sent from the Temple of Righteousness to supervise what you do in your bedrooms.’

Their faces were twisted in hatred and burning with a lust for violence. They all cried ah-men, ah-men when I shut the door and refused to let them in because I am an adult and it‘s no one‘s business whom I choose to love. They left a message to say they would be back later to inspect the sheets.

Many of these Kenyans were writing from Western capitals, where they are sojourned, over a delicious vente Mocha with one shot, iced, caramel sauce on the top and bottom, no whip, light on the ice, and 7 pumps of peppermint syrup about how more African they are and how they would fight tooth and nail until there were no more gay people left in Kenya.

I smiled when I heard this and just went back to my game of scrabble with Imelda because I remembered we had all been down this road before. Much ado about nothing.


  1. I read the news and i wanted to cry. 14 years and hard labour? Really?
    this one led me right on my knees to pray for those two brothers in Malawi. why? why? why? Lord help me make sense of this. There is nothing they can do to change themselves. There is nothing i can do to change myself.
    Am so angry i just may come out nione watadoo?

  2. Huh!

    Tamaku, sad is >> Malawi Steve and wife-to-have-been TRANSGENDER Tiwonge were jailed. I wonder how she will survive there and also Steve.

    sad is >> Ati now the religious ppl will hold demos against IDAHO. Me wonders, how will that help christians be better?

    good is >> there is talk and publicity. no more hiding.

  3. I personally do not understand what the govt has to interefere with what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. Its not affecting anyone or hurting anyone. If it is about morals and religion, everyone will be judged by God. Also is it not hypocrisy when the men who commit the most heinous crimes against women, rape, genital mutilation and the like walk free or get a lesser sentence. The judges and the politicians argue that homosexuality is against African culture? But what is African culture? Abuse of women and children?Protecting men who father children out of wedlock and not provide for them? Failing to prosecute those people that steal from government coffers depriving the tax payer of benefits that their taxes could have paid for? Or is African culture the inability to prioritise what is important like dealing with the worse criminal offences instead of trying to control morals of others?

  4. What we Africans and Kenyans need to realise is that homosexuality has been, is and will always be a part of us. All you need to do is a little research(you could start on my blog here: and you find out that what we describe as Non-African is actually neo-colonialism and brainwashing, we've actually lost our culture to the west. They seem to be going beck to the way we did things before they came. Eating healthy naturally grown food and having least impact on the environment. Lets learn to "Live and let live"

  5. Hi Tamaku,

    I was reading an article on homophobia and the author linked to your blog. You are hilarious! I will fave your page and keep checking in when I want to get a good laugh.

    Most importantly, I applaud you for living your truth. That's what matters at the end of the day, not what any homophobes obsessed with your sex life do. I abhor homophobia and never hesitate to call out anyone around me who makes ignorant comments about the GLBT community.

    Best wishes!


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