Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thou shall not covet another man’s boyfriend

I’ve been busy with roof repairs at our house I almost forgot that I promised to tell you about that trip to London just after Easter. Lately I seem to be racking up more airmiles than a high class sharmuta. Which also reminds me of what an old friend told me once: everyone is available at a price but they also need to be ready to pay the cost. I travelled on KQ which was much improved from last time. The service in club was good and this time the video worked which is reassuring when sleeping 10 kilometres over Western Sudan. Just one question for Mr Naikuni (CEO KQ): Sir, why bother to wheel out that cumbersome relic known as the duty-free trolley when flying to the Mecca of shopping? Think of the savings in operational costs (staff, fuel). Anyway, by the time I arrived in Heathrow I was very ready for business, so well done Pride of Africa - I give you 9 and a half out of 10 like our trip last year, flat-bed is the way to go. At this point let me also confess that I’m a hapless shareholder having bought in at 120, and now it’s around 58 shillings - there’s a really looonng way to go.

I was meeting that same friend stroke client from February, who together with others are keen to plant some root-of-all-evil into East Africa. This time I stayed in a superb hotel not far from Park Lane all paid for. Someone obviously thinks I know what I’m talking about. I never tire to preach that investors are like birds, they’ll flock to a tranquil park and even eat from your hand but they may never return if the guy sitting on the bench next to you makes a sudden noise like sneezing or sharpening a panga. So I was pleading with my audience over two days that you won’t go wrong with my country but I was also mixing it with bad cop saying this might be your only chance, others are waiting in the wings to take positions in the final frontier. In our last meeting I felt like Goldilocks when she woke up to find the three bears staring at her because I could sense I had whetted their appetites enough. Fingers crossed, there’ll soon be enough porridge for more people.

My host Sanchez invited me to his place on the afternoon of my last full day. He lives alone in an old restored farmhouse in Speen, a place I‘ve been many times before when he and I used to be lovers back in the day. That's when I still had bounce. I‘ve already told George all about this so don‘t give that look, hehehehe. This time I knew I had to be careful because Sanchez had been emailing me before I arrived about how it would be nice to be together again for old times sake. Purleez, - but not in a bitchy way - I‘ve moved on. We had a simple meal of lightly grilled salmon steaks with sautéed potatoes and rocket salad dressed with honey and mustard. Afterwards we sat out on the patio sipping some pinkish wine and talking. It was such a glorious early evening with the sun going down the magnificent views of the Buckinghamshire countryside (see pic of nearby fields). That‘s when Sanchez leans to me as if to kiss me on the lips, I drew back quickly and said we can’t do that any more because I‘m with someone else who’s very special to me now. He looked a little hurt but he took it like a gentleman and we didn’t talk about it again. By the way I wasn’t turned on, not even a spark or a twitch down there. I think George has put a kamuti on my muti (a spell on my stick), lol!

So I passed that test even though I was slightly tipsy. I was counting how many hours before I see and touch George again. Sanchez called me a cab to take me back to my hotel which must have cost a small fortune. He’s a great guy and we had a wonderful time when we were together but that’s all in the past. I want us to remain friends who do business just as we are now. Next morning I went walking along Park Lane and took this piccy of Hyde Park, but you need to be careful what you photograph in London nowadays or you could be arrested. I also saw a blinged golden mini in a car dealers which reminded me of the false idol in the Ten Commandments that I watched when I was a boy at the Odeon cinema in Nairobi.

Then I came back to Nairobi, to the boyfriend with all my codes, Imelda’s cooking and companionship, and a leak in the upstairs guestroom.


  1. Nice...I love London too, but I like my leaky roofs at home where Juan Carlos also lives.


  2. Hey Leonardo,

    Thanks pal. Happiness (home) is where the heart is. Best wishes to both of you from the two of us. xx xxx

  3. T,

    Danganya Maasai! Eti you did not get a pussy cleaning in London? UWONGO mtupu! Malaya ni malaya! LOL! Sema ukweli tu. Si ulifunganywa? Si ulienda wera na huyo mzungu?

    Anyway, as myuch as you might lie, that Cheshire cat smile grin on your face gives you away. (-:

    Salimia George. Umwambie a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do. You naughty girl!

  4. Wewe Deno,

    The day I get a hold of you I'll tie your scrotum tight with some rusted barbed wire, xxx


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