Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our father who hurt in heaven (Easter Special)

As I watched the news on the latest abuse scandals engulfing the Catholic Church, I was reminded of an incident I witnessed years ago involving a priest from that boarding school where I also learned how to conceal a weapon. Father John D’anonimasi lived in a flat attached to our boarding house and it was the duty of students to clean his flat on Sunday mornings before Mass because we were constantly getting told that the path of duty was the way to glory (just a ploy to exploit children if you ask me now)

One dewy morning when my turn came and being the keen prayerful lad that I was, I found myself about half an hour early trotting along to Father’s flat. When I got to the door I knocked softly and then noticed that it wasn’t completely shut. I didn’t think anything of it as I let myself quietly in. That’s when I saw the sight that refuses to leave me even now two decades later. Through a mirror in the hallway I spied Father John – who would be saying Mass in just over an hour’s time – standing buck naked, hairy back to me and facing the window with a wtf-is-that-up-his-arse? He was driving the blue marker pen that we used to write announcements on the house noticeboard eewww up and down where it’s dark because the sun never shines aka da butt. And his man boobies had some metallic clamps on the nips weighing them down ouch, ouch but I hear that it’s more about pleasure than pain, hahaha. All I could think of was that must hurt like hell especially the sharp bits of the marker but he was making sounds like he was in heaven already. I froze momentarily and then tiptoed out of there but not before I also snapped an eyeful of balls projected on the wall as shadows the size of large oranges. He hadn’t seen me and to be fair it wasn’t as if I’d caught him perming his eyelashes but I still think the Church needs to revisit the issue of celibacy and whether it’s even relevant.

Now sit back, get the popcorn, keep the tissues close at hand and let’s wait to see what outlandish story Denis shares with us about three nuns, a monk and a strap-on. By the way Denis also has a column here.

Please forgive me father for sometimes I know not what I do when I blog.....Happy Easter folks.

(Pic is of a marker pen that I use on my whiteboard, NOWHERE ELSE ok, lol)


  1. Father John D’anonimasi does not read this blog hopefully, or you might be getting a writ through the post informing you of a libel suit against you at the High Court..

    Btw the only defence available to you would be if you could prove that the scenario you so graphically described was true, which of course you can't, obviously, since you made the fatal error of fleeing the scene without being observed by the good Father. Alternatively, you might have tiptoed out and run to get some witnesses. But you didn't!

  2. OMG, how much do you charge for your legal services? I can pay in 'george', lol!

  3. That. Is. Just. Awkward.

    WOW!! What a sight for a child to behold!! I think I would have been scarred for life!! I wonder how many Hail Marys he had to say for that later...?

  4. Good and appliances, yes, these fellows need sexual partners (all of legal age, naturally)...sorta makes one want to go nuts, it´s good to see you very emotionally/sexually unscared.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Ew Ew...

    What would you have done if he saw you. Knowing Priests, he would have asked you to participate somehow even if it meant pulling the marker out.

    Hope your easter was good

  6. T,

    I am laughing like a banshee! Eti chao? Well, I am just laughing like a mad woman hadi watu kwa ofisi are wondering what is wrong with me! Eti what again? Marker? Father? You? Yawa!

    Sisem kit. I am so 'columnisting' -is there a word like that?- about you fellows (Kenyan gay bloggers) soon.

    Thanks for the mention. Love this totally!

  7. wuuui Tam no pic is what it is around here. Not even a marker pen!

  8. Sa ulituwekea hiyo picha hapo kwanini! Nkt! Yak! Pain!


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