Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping list

A couple of weeks ago George and I were in a busy chemist waiting to pay for some shampoo and deodorant when I suddenly said to him in my best imitation loud camp voice, ‘Hey Gee sweerie, don’t forget the KY jelly and condoms!.’ I'm a Scorpio so I do like some danger.

There was pin-drop silence around us and you should have seen the look on George’s face, hehehe. I know he’s going to get his own back soon. I guess it wasn’t helped that I was in my about-town ‘mode magazine’ gear of cropped three-quarter Levi Indigo jeans showing some skin and navel hairs, and a tight carrot-orange top. I knew I was looking hot prancing around like a peahen from the I'm In Miami Trick video. Helloooo....lmfao...

George told me later that he could see the twinkle in my eye through the shades. Thing is everyone around us recovered quickly and just pretended as if we weren’t even there which was nice. Only the cashier looked bemused when I took the wrapped condoms and lube from him (never Vaseline, boys - remember we've had this discussion before), leaving George to pay.

Maybe next time I’ll be acting all coy and ask the shop assistant to recommend a condom brand for, how shall I put it, our kind of action.

I said maybe.


  1. You are so naughty @Tamaku.
    But i like your sense of humour and i aint gay.That was so brave of you.
    Love reading your blog.

  2. Kweli wewe ms---- wakweli kwanini wataka watu wajue kama wewe usishutuwe watu Bwana mzuri

  3. Condoms? Family planning or what?

  4. Lolest at the clothes you were wearing. Quitting your job has done wonders for you. Yesterdays teaser post on George, cheating in scrabble, now
    A tight orange cropped top and intentionally shocking peeps for a laugh. Wow!

  5. T,

    What the f&%£ were you wearing? I can imagine!

    And about KY,I hear that kuna makucchu who are self-lubricating. Hawahitaji lube but yao inaingia nyoeeeee! I was shocked by this! Clearly, you are not one of them.

  6. You remind me so much of a gay friend I had when I lived in Kenya (96-03). I wonder if you are he? I felt like a big sister and you were some kind of black prince... so self-assured, so funny, so kind, so vibrant.

    Anyhow, I'm glad to see so much exhuberence and fun and attitude alive and well and living in Kenya!

    Irish Girl

  7. Bhaahahahah!!!!a111a11!!

    OMG!! T ur nuts! Bure kabisa!

    Love u regardless :)



  8. LOL the mere vision of the 'cropped three-quarter levi INDIGO?!! jeans...a tight carrot orange top (ngai!)...and shades???' shot my corneas to hell...

    Ah oh, i stumbled across your realm while visiting Shiko...


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