Sunday, April 11, 2010

World’s first rotating roundabouts to end Nairobi traffic jams

An engineer friend tells me that the Chinese who are building our roads are going to install cutting edge solar-powered turntable roundabouts designed to end Nairobi’s chronic jams. Basically it works by cars driving onto a stationary roundabout which at the flick of a switch rotates your car smoothly in a clockwise direction. You then drive off at your exit when it stops rotating. Yawn.

I also didn’t believe Sam when he told me this especially as it was while we were enjoying some alcoholic drinks. But you never know, after all we’ve seen electric poles in the middle of roads....

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  1. oh my days!! lmao..i have never laughed so hard.!!! this is truely unbelievable. LOL...Jeez what kind of engineers did this! hahahhahahaha.

    I am laughing because i am an engineer, this is going to be shared in the office for sure.


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