Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smart toothbrushes

Imelda replaced the toothbrushes in our bathroom yesterday. I notice
that she put a new pink one on my sink yet again while George got the
blue Colgate flex. Pink for girls, blue for boys, right? Mmmmm...

I'm a Scorpio so I do tend to over analyze things but I can't help
myself wondering whether she now just sees me as George's bitch, lol!

Oh well, whatever....)


  1. T,

    Its only nashorol (natural) given your countless drama mama attitude, bitch fits, divatrums, prima donna and nymphomaniac genes, to assume, as we all do, and you know we are right, that there is a little girl inside of you! Imelda can read our minds. (-;

    As for you being a bitch, well, hands down. Hon, you are! Probably you should get a dog too. And then George, when the three of you are in bed, can muse and say, 'I like these two bitches of mine.' LOL!

    Nice weekend!

  2. LOL! Good to visit again. I've been sorta MIA, working behind the scenes on my writing...Good to see you over at mine, too. Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know you did.

    Funny I just replaced all the toothbrushes in the house last week. Because we all got terrible colds and they say it's best to do so after...

    Lakini, in your case, I think Imelda (from what I have read in the past) is a dear and good friend to you, and understands you very well.

    Weekend njema.

  3. Kwani everyone is replacing toothbrushes? Just did mine and whilst shopping just realized that I have been buying toothbrushes for B for 6 years! He always gets pink- maybe you should get together and ask why.

  4. hahahaa, Tams I keep telling you you are nuts!! But kwani you think Imelda is maziwa lala how? Ala!! Mrs.George,hihihiiii..............nice weekend to you guys


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