Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The winning formula?

I'm at home not doing much just playing a second game of scrabble with
Imelda. She's currently wiping the floor with me, coming up with
'subzero' on a triple word score. She's already won the first game of
the day. Aarrrggh õ›. But now she's gone off to prepare lunch, so I've
been naughty and just switched some of her letters. Hehehe, I've also
had a good rummage inside the bag with the letter tiles, lol!

Imelda almost caught me red-handed when she came back unexpectedly to
bring me a cup of Milo, I thought I was going to have a heart-attack
but I managed to pull myself together though I couldn't look her in
the eye.,,

I hope you don't think I'm a bad person; but I'm feeling a little


  1. Bad person? I don't think so.... Cheeky? Downright naughty and when I meet Imelda, am gonna tell her what you did? YES!!

  2. Lol, Tamaku if you were feeling guilty as you said, you wouldn't have told us..

    If she caught you red-handed and said nothing, she's probably used to your shenanigans and expected that you would cheat anyway. What a lovely lady!

    So which part of your anatomy did she wipe the floor with in the second game? lol

  3. Hi Mama,

    You're so fair and lovely ;) xxx xx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    Well thought out like the good solicitor I know you are. I made up to Imelda, I said put your tired feet up and I'll get the dinner for us all. Which I did, so it's happy families here, lol! xx xxx

  4. Cheat. (-: Na hat ukidangany, huwez kushind game hiyo.

  5. Dont cheat yourself. You are a BAD BAD BAD BOY! Kwanza she was getting you a cup of Milo?


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